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Miller Time

RedsArmyAdmin March 18, 2009 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Miller Time

Brad Miller (21 pts, 14 reb) torched the Celtics' injury riddled and foul prone front line. It was like a lay-up line out there. Salmons, Rose, Miller and Hinrich all got to the hoop at will. How else can you explain the Bulls scoring 127 points?

I'm not sure I can watch anymore games until KG returns.

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  • Fsantos33

    No kidding and insult to injury they were wearing our Green gear. Fuck!

  • Danno

    It’s like watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob out there.

  • DRJ

    Words cannot express how awful and disgusting these NBA refs are. THE worst officiating on the planet lives in the NBA. Cs would have blown this one out by the 3rd but for the refs.
    Btw… Perk is improving now at a rapid rate. His post moves are getting very cool, especially that fadeaway jumper, and looks like he’s working on his midrange jumper… might be ready with that soon too.
    Doc’s moves are becoming unfathomable. With only one big man left on the team (Perk) he substitutes Marbury for Perk in the last minute. WTF was that about? What misguided thinking led to that ridiculous decision (which cost us the defensive rebound and maybe lost the game)? I think the worst member of this depleted team now is Doc Rivers… he is lost and confused.

  • baron

    Got all the excuses in the world…still I dont give a rats ass..still shouldve won the game.
    Ive officially given up on the regular season…we’ve already lost the rights to being the best overall record imo…its a good thing thats not what we’re playing for.
    we need to get healthy and start playing better basketball in time for the playoffs, and theres not a whole lot of time to do that either
    This game…eh it sucked

  • nba101

    The Cavs will give you a treat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

  • zauer

    Did you heard this? Ray Allen hyperextended his right elbow and he may not play against miami. Grrrrrr

  • Kristovar

    Glad my optimism worked out tonight. I was a bit worried at halftime. For a second there I thought that Stern’s bias had won out.