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Leon Out 2-3 Weeks

RedsArmyAdmin March 18, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Leon Out 2-3 Weeks

Looks like Leon's knee injury is a bit worse than we thought. They're calling it a sprain and say Powe will be out 2-3 weeks.

Ray Allen is definitely out for tonight's game. Stephon Marbury will start alongside Rajon Rondo whose most recent ankle sprain was not that severe.

Big Baby is back. He's starting at power forward.

The Celtics are catching a break – Miami is without some dude named Dwyane Wade. He's nursing a sore hip.

The Globe's Gary Dzen has more info on KG, TA and Scal.

And this from Doc Rivers:

"We've earned the record that we have right now," said Rivers. "We're tied for the second seed in the East. We're not going to catch Cleveland…the bottom line is these aren't injuries where guys are not going to come back. We have time to put the pieces together."

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  • Jp

    Not that I like saying “IF”, but after all the injuries we’ve had the second half of this season…IF we win the championship this year, how awesome is it going to be watching everyone come back and gel just to kick ass all over again?!

  • brain dead

    halftime stat: c’s 16 fouls heat 6… what more can be said.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    This game is painful to watch, no intensity or defense. Plus our bigs are full of fouls, we risk to remain with a small five somewhere in the 2nd half.

  • PxFunk

    5 Fouls in 7 minutes! I’m watchin the box score here, so tell me Mikki…How is that even possible???

  • Boston Man

    Wow i didnt even know tonight’s game was on ESPN too until i saw a guy wearing an ESPN shirt walk in front of Tommy and Mike

  • kurt

    No KG, no Ray Allen, no Powe.
    Only Pierce in the line-up.
    It’s like 06-07 Celtics.

  • pp34

    Good win!

  • dave

    This sucks even more because he was on fire. I’m a huge Powe fan and seeing him start was so fun. Get well and back in the rhythm #0!

  • NewsFlashMike

    i feel bad for powe he is the only guy i respect on the celtics.. he plays hard and is a classy player.. to bad this happened to him though…