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The Negativity In This Town Sucks

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Jesus Christ… one bad game out of the Celtics and I see a deluge of "oh, we'll never repeat with all these turnovers" comments.

Well, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.

  • 2007-2008 Celtics:  14.4 turnovers per game.
  • 2008-2009 Celtics:  14.5 turnovers per game.

So can it with the "turnovers are gonna kill us" stuff.  A bad stretch while missing a third of your team and integrating two new players who are forced to play big minutes (one of them being a point guard forced to start twice after a year and a half off) doesn't mean squat.

The Celtics are turning the ball over at the same rate they did last year and we were fine.

And what pisses me off most is you made me quote Rick Pitino.


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  • Jester00

    do you and chuck need to hug it out?

  • Danno

    I will say this – Paul Pierce has looked absolutely dreadful for about two weeks now. I don’t know if it’s a lack of rest, or the minutes he’s playing, but he’s been sloppy, making really dumb passes that get picked off, and getting his pocket picked every other time up the floor, and that’s when he’s not front rimming 15 footers.
    Dude needs a break.

  • Fsantos33

    “Kevin, Glen, Scal, and Tony they will walk through that door and we will be fine”
    I am just sitting back to see how this thing plays out – Guys coming off injuries don’t automatically equal to victories. Its going to take every practice and every game for all the guys to gel before the playoffs start. Seeding? I care about it cause I think its important to have home court advantage but if we don’t get it so be it. Go to battle with the soldiers we have.

  • DRJ

    A more relevant stat would be the probability of a turnover per possession, which I think is significantly higher this year over last.
    Looks like Paul’s tired and Doc’s a bit lost and confused.

  • double P reppin the B

    We will get the guys back, finish the season strong and most likely grab the 2 seed. Which means if we get where we are supposed to be it’s gonna mean beating the cavaliers on their home court. Only one team has done that this year, and it is the team we spanked in the finals. As long as everyone is healthy there is no reason to think we can’t repeat.

  • Jason

    HC would be nice, but knowing how good this team is (when full strength and with full effort) I’ve never been that concerned about winning a playoff game on the road. Last year’s first two rounds mean nothing compared to the final two and it was proven they can win on the road.
    Get healthy, get rested, come out in the playoffs full force and the Celts will be more than fine. It’s just disappointing to see these lapses recently, but overall the sky isn’t falling by any means. If anything, the bench getting extra play and the team dealing with a little adversity and frustration might pay off. I’d much rather them lull now than in the playoffs.

  • Thx red-good stuff. They are missing their leader-plain and simple. I have been to about 10 games this year where KG played, and 5 where he didn’t. The energy in that building, hell the energy on Causeway St just isn’t the same. I know Rondo “makes the offense go” and Ray and Paul do a bulk of the scoring, but I think that dreadful performance against the Bucks yesterday was a great example of how this team misses it’s spiritual leader. It sounds cliche, but when KG comes back, things will change-the attitude will change, the fans will change, the impact of “The Jungle” will change. And change is good. They still need to cut down the TO’s a bit though…lol..

  • Bryan

    Dude, love it. You are dead on. How are people panicking? They are still in the top 3 in the East. Tony Allens been all out what seems all year. Rondo has missed games, Scal (who had been great) is out indefinitely, Baby’s been out, and KG our leader, energy and defensive glue is about to come back with a full battery……when you think about all this, and also think about how much better Marbury and Moore have been playing over the last handful of games, teams should be scared…..relax hypochondriac Boston sports fans….actin like we haven’t run this decade of sports……

  • venus

    I predict they’re probably going to be frustrating for the rest of the season but will steamroll through the competition in the playoffs. When has this team ever allowed anyone to have the last laugh when they hit a rough patch? They always bounce back in time to make the critics look stupid.