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Fine, Hate Us Then

RedsArmyAdmin March 16, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Fine, Hate Us Then


I've said it before, and I'll say it again… people love to hate Boston… and that's fine with me.

The latest example:  The Celtics have three players on a most hated players list compiled by a gaggle of bloggers.

9. Paul Pierce.  Perennial loser in Boston until Danny Ainge made a deal with the Devil to bring in Allen and Garnett.  From chirping at opponents to an overly cocky demeanor Paul Pierce is easy to hate.  Don from With Malice summed it up best with this, "I mean… a wheelchair?"

7. Kevin Garnett.  For years KG took pity from NBA fans who saw his situation in Minnesota as a dead end.  After Danny Ainge lost out on a top pick in the 2007 draft he quickly went to work and acquired KG.  Soon enough Garnett became a bully in Boston. The yelling and taunting was now just over the top.  Then after the championship things really got out of hand.  Just ask Jerryd Bayless or Jose Calderon.

3. Stephon Marbury.  Stephon freaking Marbury.  A basketball cancer at its highest level. No matter where he goes the team fails. Is it because he's the ultimate me-first guy? Maybe it was the smugness he exuded on the sideline in New York as he ran a coach out of town and destroyed a franchise.  The best part?  He's on the Celtics now, even more reason to dislike this guy.

That line just sums it up, doesn't it?

Fine… let them hate.  They'll have even more reason to hate Boston in June after the Celtics repeat.

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  • Nora

    Yes, maybe the Celtics will fill out the whole top 10 next year. LOL


    Don’t be hating on the man Paul Pierce that’s insane!

  • SydneyCeltic

    Haters = Jealous. y/y?

  • OCLakers

    Maybe I need a therapist, but I cannot think of anyone in basketball I hate right now. LeBron and his antics are annoying, but I cannot say I hate him. I hated Vladimir Radmanovic and Kwame Brown, but I don’t now because they’re no longer with the Lakers. Raja Bell is creep, I feel hate for him. Maybe I don’t need therapy after all.

  • double P reppin the B

    Keep the hate coming!! We feed off it!! How can you expect Garnettt and Pierce not to be the way they are when they receive more hate than anyone nowadays?

  • papa irish

    “Perennial loser in Boston” ??????
    Is lebron a perennial loser? because the pre championship pierce had pretty much accomplished the same things that Lebron has, they both have taken bad teams to and deep into the playoffs; the only difference is that no one would ever think to call the “king” a loser; the nba has to much of a vested interest in him for anyone to call him a loser

  • Matt

    Did anyone else notice Perk made Honerable Mention.
    Haha haters are pathetic man.

  • Lakers aint shit until they dethrone us..

    HAHAHA… at least kobe is in number 1! I do wish KG is 100% no need to bring him if he is only 85% healthy.
    I don’t care who we face in the playoff homecourt or no homecourt we need to compete if we wanted to win we can’t pout or mope WE NEED TO COMPETE AND DEFEND IF WE WANTED TO WIN BABY!

  • Orb

    The Celtics even got a hater-mention on the dickipedia page about leprochauns:

  • kurt

    “Danny Ainge made a deal with the devil….”?
    What about the Pau Gasol “trade”?
    That was a highway robbery!!
    And the players he got traded for are no longer with Memphis!
    The Lakers are the most hated team.
    Kobe is the most hated rapist!