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A Rookie Who Doesn’t Know His Place

Just another example of the stupidity of America's youth:

After getting pranked for failing to bring fruit to practice, Sacramento Kings rookie Donté Greene decided to get revenge. AMG CL63? Check. Dog Food? Check. Soy Sauce? Check. Assorted Condiments? Check. Bad idea? Double Check.

The prank originated Monday when Greene failed to fulfill his rookie duties, forgetting to bring fruit to the Sacramento Kings' morning practice. Kings veteran Bobby Jackson decided to give a rookie reminder to Greene by filling his SUV with popcorn and using whipped cream to write out, "Season Ain't Over, Rook." After seeing what happened to fellow rookie Jason Thompson earlier in the season, Greene, against his better judgment, decided he would prank back by spreading dry dog food, soy sauce and other assorted condiments all over the backside of Jackson's Mercedes AMG CL63.

Can you imagine JR Giddens doing this to KG?

(Courtesy Deadspin, Yahoo! Sports)

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  • Nora

    Not only that but Jackson’s prank on the rookie was alot less damaging. Popcorn and whipped cream is alot easier to get off then the stuff the rookie put on his car. Wonder what the punishment will be for the rook now? LOL

  • Boston Man

    Man Rule #1:
    Do not mess with another man’s car.

  • BillRussell

    What do you think KG would actually do if Giddens did this to him?

  • Visit Giddens in the hospital the next day.

  • Wow! At first glance I thought the window was smashed in. This is still pretty bad though. Would love to hear what Jackson had to say about this…