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Any Guesses?

RedsArmyAdmin March 11, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Any Guesses?

The Celtic starters for tonight remain a mystery that Rivers apparently is unwilling to share. Asked who would open at point guard and power forward, the coach replied by text message, “We will have our coin toss later.”

Even though Stephon Marbury's has a few more practices under his belt, I'm guessing Doc starts Eddie House tonight in Miami. Leon Powe will probably get the call at power forward.

The Heat are coming off a wild double-overtime win Monday night against the Bulls. I'll have more on Dwayne Wade's incredible play…later today.

The Patriot Ledger's Jim Fenton examines Ray Allen's remarkable accuracy at the free throw line:

Since missing a free throw against the Los Angeles Lakers on Christmas Day, Allen has made a remarkable 110 of his last 111 tries at the line.

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After the jump….a hot actress (looking very average I must say) who witnessed the Cavs comeback in LA.

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  • Lex

    Give Steph the start and play him 30 minutes.

  • G4L

    I’de hit it!

  • John wouldn’t – he hates her.

  • Tim (FD)

    Tonight, I’d go:
    1 – Chris Herren
    2 – Ray Allen
    3 – Paul Pierce
    4 – Kevinn Pickney
    5 – Popeye Jones

  • Danno

    Gabe is awful. He has underachieved his entire stay here. He won’t be in a Celtics uniform next year.
    Start Marbury. He may not score a ton if he’s still getting hsi shot back, but he won’t make a ton of mistakes.
    Eddie house is fantastic, but he has no business bringing the ball up the court.

  • Jester00

    in the last 20 years or so what was worse starting five we have put out there

  • DRJ

    I think Gabe could be damn good… just hasn’t had any playing time to get a head of steam going. He’s not going to be a showy player, that’s not his personality. Kinda like Tim Duncan… quiet, self-contained, but efficient and (I think) talented. And in his own way I think he feels it too. Can’t be sure about any of this until he gets thrown into the fray for real, which has never happened.
    Doc does have a major flaw when it comes to bringing up and using young talent… takes him way too long and he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. Same with rotations. If he’s saying it’s a coin toss for Miami then he hasn’t figured it out, which means he is what some of you are saying Gabe is… uncertain and bad (in this area).

  • thetitleisours

    I agree DRJ, Gabe does have the talent. His head and confidence has not caught up with his game so far. Maybe the arrest was a wake up call. hard to tell since he gets no time. He did have two rebound in I think two minutes the last game though. Then was pulled…

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    4 – Kevinn Pickney
    My God Kevinn Pinkney… I F’KIN HATE HIM!!!!!