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Anyone Got A Uniform?

Put it on and show up at the next Celtics game.  They might let you play.  They're gonna be short all week.

"We'll probably be down to 10 for probably this whole week," coach Doc Rivers said. "[Davis] and Rondo are out and will be out for probably the next couple games, maybe the next week.

"I actually made the comment [after Sunday's game] that Rondo would be ready for Wednesday, I think we were wrong."

This stretch might just knock us too far out of first in the East to catch up by playoff time.  But second place might not be all that bad.   Jeff makes a good point in that link.  Will the second round be any easier if you're the #1 seed vs. being the #2?  Probably not.  It will probably still be Celtics vs. Cleveland… and I feel good about our chances of grabbing 1 in Cleveland and holding court at home.

Just get everyone healthy and ready to play Celtics basketball in the playoffs.  If we can do that, then we've got nothing to worry about.

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  • ThatGouOverTheOcean

    I wonder how many media people will now say the Lakers are a dirty team, like they did with the Celtics after the Big Baby foul… and I guess the answer is “none”. Stupid journalists…

  • chief3233

    Classy Lakers….

  • B Dizzle

    Ray and Pierce got excused from practice. Thank GOD!

  • Nora

    Fanhouse of course says it was not dirty but say BBD was headhunting? Unbeliable. They are so biast it is not even funny.