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We Need This One

RedsArmyAdmin March 6, 2009 Uncategorized 11 Comments on We Need This One

Championships aren't won in March, but wouldn't it be sweet to see the KG-less Celtics beat the Cavs tonight? It would be the perfect pick-me-up for Celtics nation. The Truth:

"We just want them to understand this is our home court. We have to protect our building and we're trying to win the season series."

It appears the Cavs will have Joe Smith in uniform.

"More than likely, I will be out there," said Smith, who didn't practice yesterday.

LBJ and Mo will get theirs, so will PP and Ray (we pray). I look to the role players. Our guys (Rondo, Perk, Marbury) need to outperform their guys (Gibson, Varejao, West).

Here's the latest Sports Illustrated Players Poll:

Which player would you least like to have on your team?

Stephon Marbury, Celtics G…..22%
Ron Artest, Rockets F…..9%
Stephen Jackson, Warriors F/G…..5%
Kobe Bryant, Lakers G…..5%
Gilbert Arenas, Wizards G…..5%

Kobe? I realize we hate him, but 5% of the league does too? It's nice to know we aren't the only ones who can spot a two-faced douchebag.

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  • Yeah.. Arenas would be at or near the top of my list too

  • Lex

    It would be a “nice to have.”
    I wouldn’t call it a must.
    I’ve resigned myself to starting the ECFs on the road. Once you do that, the only thing left to worry about is getting healthy and integrating the new players, the injured players, and the rest of the team.

  • PxFunk

    Gilbert Arena by a mile!

  • Greenmonsterballs

    Seriously? Hating Kobe is fine but why would u even include mister 22% on the list? Really smart ” I agree with 5% of the league but those 22% r idiots” what if he underperforms tonight r u gonna make excuses. Tonight is stephons make it or break it for me period.

  • Danno

    3 games into his season after being off for more than a year is make or break?
    are you fucking kidding me?

  • DRJ

    Since most people sense, or are at least resigned to, a loss tonight… I think we’ll win. Crowds have a way of being wrong. Two keys: D, and the refs. With CLE ahead by 2 Ls, the league might, might wanna call this one for us this time (yeah, but not holding my breath).

  • tuka

    I’m sure the “whole world” has better things to do than watch our backup point guard.

  • A win tonight would be great. I think everyone’s had this game circled for a while. I will be there, screaming my lungs out as usual. Important to keep the turnovers down tonight. If anyone’s interested, here are the refs for tonight (*gulp*): Eddie Rush, Ed Malloy, Zach Zarba.

  • Lakerhater

    The Kobe 5% in the poll are all members of the laker organization.

  • bigbad&green

    yeah danno you should do stand up or maybe you should try american idol. Someone put a jersey on danno we need him tonight we are missing the white guy

  • AboveTheRim

    A similar poll shows that 87.6% of the league is creeped out by Marv Alberts.