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The New Lucky

RedsArmyAdmin March 2, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on The New Lucky


I was at the Celtics game last Friday when during a time-out, this video was played on the big screen a.k.a. "CelticVision".  This guy got the crowd going much more than Lucky would.  I think he would have a shot at being the next Lucky if he were about 8 inches shorter and actually wore some Celtics gear.

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  • Boston Man

    Here is the video with the original audio
    Reminds me of a topless fat guy dancing at the game i went to.
    Must be a fun job looking for funny people in the crowd and aiming your camera at them

  • Tim (FD)

    I was at the game when this happened.
    I posted about it that night but nobody else knew what I was talking about at the time…. well now you know.
    One of the greatest performances of all-time.

  • PxFunk

    Damn I wish I was there…that was hilarious, and man, that kid’s got some stones

  • Dre

    What’s a song sung by a Jersey band being rocked out to at a Boston Celtics game? C’mon.