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Now What?

RedsArmyAdmin February 25, 2009 Uncategorized 16 Comments on Now What?

Lots of Starbury news this morning. Let's get right to it. Marc Spears has the latest on the time frame:

Two NBA sources said that once the two-time All-Star clears waivers – which is expected to be Friday morning – he will sign with the Celtics for a prorated veteran minimum of $1.3 million for the rest of the season. If he signs Friday, he could be in uniform against Indiana that night.

Sounds good to me, especially since I have a ticket for Friday night's game.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports isn't a big fan of Marbury:

Yet, Marbury will make himself a spectacle with the Celtics. He’ll say stupid things and act the clown, and it won’t be long until Boston is measuring risk and reward with him. When the pressure gets too much for him, the burden of performance overwhelming, Marbury will do something to self-destruct.

Boston is selling a little of its soul, a little of its championship heritage, to take on Marbury as a mercenary.

Now, Starbury takes a deep breath and starts on his way to the Boston Celtics. Deep down, he’s terrified. Somehow, Starbury has to summon Stephon. That’s a big problem for him now, because Stephon Marbury knows better than anyone that Stephon Marbury is a loser.

It's tough to argue with any of those points. We can just cross our fingers and hope for the best. Corey Dillon and Randy Moss both came to New England with baggage and they worked out just fine.

John compares the Marbury marriage to a Nascar race:

Everyone will be now be watching for two reasons:  to see who wins, and to see if there's a huge wreck.

In other news, Mikki Moore will be wearing green for tonight's game against the Clippers (Check back later for my advanced scouting report).

Raffle Ticket Update: I'm awaiting one more check and once it arrives, the raffle will be full. I hope to hold the drawing by the end of this week. Thanks!!!

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  • kobewearsapurplethong

    Cool Double P. He may be, but they may need to give him a couple days. Mikki Moore is going to play tonight…

  • Lex

    Contract year, baby.
    Steph loves his money, and he knows the difference between millions and millions and a lot less is the difference between him playing well and melding in and not playing well and melting down.
    The power of the dollar will make steph behave and perform!

  • CFH

    Can he wear that hat when he’s playing? It would look less stupid than his Starbury ad.

  • thetitleisours

    Starbury=Terrell Owens=Cancer
    Welcome to the Boston Dallas Cowboys 🙁
    leopards do not change their spots. Just ask Pacman

  • G4L

    I think this is the best option for the Celtics. Name someone else who is out there that is better than Starbury? No one. I’m not saying he will be a saint here, thats yet to be seen, & hopfully all we see him doing is playing 10-15 min a game.

  • Baron

    Now we get healthy and hang # 18

  • dave

    I just checked the Starbury website. Besides the cheap clothing and shoes, you can buy books and movies. WTF!? Has anyone said, “I wanted to buy a cheap pair of sneakers, and then I saw a copy of Wall Street, so I had to get throw that in there too!”
    Business savvy, another of Marbury’s weaknesses. Shit, just give me 20 mins, 10 and 5 and we’ll be straight

  • Danno

    Character is nice. Character doesn’t win ballgames. Talent does.
    Larry Bird was a fucking jerk back in the day too. He was outspoken, and often started fights and provoked people with his taunting.
    But he was extremely talented.

  • Rodger In Illinois

    titleisours that era ended the day red signed dominique wilkins i say welcome to boston stephon.

  • For a second there, I though we signed Redman.
    I’ve been against Marbury since the beginning… but lets consider the fact that he won’t be here THAT long. There are what… 20-something games left? Then the playoffs. That’s it.
    You’ve got a strong group of leaders on this team… a strong front office which has the support of ownership… and you have a player who is trying to prove the Knicks wrong and prove himself to other teams that can give him one last contract.
    So consider the possibility that there isn’t enough time… and this isn’t the right situation… for Marbury to infect the rest of this team with his crazy.

  • Matty S.

    I think that given the few regular season games we have left and the fact that he has something to prove, this cant hurt us all that much.

  • C’s cant win. Hated on for a “thin” bench. Hated on when they make the best possible move to bolster that “thin” bench. Sure steph is sketchy as hell but 20+ppg off the bench is no joke. And at least he isnt two faced like Kobe

  • DRJ

    Interesting discussion… I think character matters a lot. I think it wins championships. I think that was the main difference between the Celtics and the Lakers last year.
    The Lakers had more talent, some would say MUCH more talent, particularly on the bench. So why did they lose? Character. When push came to shove, when it came down to calling up your last ounce of energy, the will to overcome tremendous adversity and pull a win out of the jaws of total defeat (talking game 4 here) – the Cs had it and the Lakers did not. I lay that down to character. So yes, it matters. A lot.
    But this does not prevent the Marbury experiment from working, possibly spectacularly. Steph is a nutjob for sure, but not more so than KG. (Wait, don’t pounce yet!) What I mean is: not more in the AMOUNT of nuttiness. The TYPE of nuttiness has been very different – much worse – in Steph, obviously. KG is nutty in the best way: super-passionate, extremely committed, highly verbal (ahem), single-minded, tears to frothing-at-the-mouth nutty. Steph in the past has been nutty with over-the-top self-absorption, overweening pride and narcissism. Couldn’t be more opposite in type, but they are still both nutty.
    Stephon could turn into KG. He has the passion and the fire inside. And he now has the most motivating circumstances imaginable — the chance to win a ring, possibly make another, oh, $40 million? in the rest of his career, redeem his extremely negative rep, and show the Knicks what a bunch of assholes they are (which, btw, they are).
    If Steph responds to all that motivation by just doing the best job he can in a workmanlike way, it will help us a LOT. If he becomes another KG, i.e., if he bends his passion and nuttiness away from himself and directs it at winning – a la KG – then the results could be really spectacular.
    And anyway, it’s a freeroll for us.


    Strat-o-matic now that takes me back, I want the Celtics to win again just as much as everyone else and maybe he will help and be a good sport. However seeing him touch the beloved trophy would make me sick. So I would puke and get over it knowing his part in it was very small. In Ainge I trust.

  • JD

    This Marbury move gives us more flexibility in the lineup, because we can go small again. A lineup of Rondo-Marbury-Ray-Paul-KG would be a dynamite offensive squad that can matchup with some team like the Lakers if they decide to go small. Its similar to the Rondo-Ray-Paul-Posey-KG lineup of yesteryear.

  • double P reppin the B

    I got floor seats Friday night, STARBURY better be in uniformm!!!!