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Scal Sent Back Home

RedsArmyAdmin February 24, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Scal Sent Back Home

Via the Herald's Steve Bulpett:

The Celtics are sending Brian Scalabrine back to Boston for tests after he strained his neck in the win over the Nuggets in Denver last night.

GM Danny Ainge said the latest problem does not appear to be related to his two recent concussions and that Scalabrine felt fine last night and when the team arrived in Los Angeles. But the club is taking no chances.

I'm still in shock over the fact that Scal stayed in the game after getting knocked out. Make no mistake about it, he was out for second when he fell to floor. I don't understand how the doctors/trainers let him play. Or how come none of his teammates waved them off the bench.

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  • Jason

    100% agree. Scal fell to the floor completely limp. It was absolutely clear he had been knocked out. I was shocked not one person (teammates, refs, medical staff, announcers) noticed it. I was equally shocked that he got right up, but even then he was obviously dazed. I’m actually upset over how something so obvious and also so serious could be so poorly handled by everyone involved.
    Speaking of hard Denver fouls, why is no one talking about the thug plays from Kenyon Martin and Anthony Carter? KM body checks (without an attempt at the ball) Ray right into the photographers. The refs rightfully called a flagrant one, but then AC just runs right into Ray’s chest full speed after the ball is released. No call. Ray took exception, which he rarely does. I hope the league takes a look at all 3 assaults carefully.
    But I doubt anything will come of it. This is how everyone is allowed to play the Celtics recently. Rondo goes baseline multiple times, routinely bumped, even out of bounds, never a call. Pierce, he who is always tops in the league in trips to the line, drives, drives, drives, gets hit over and over and somehow only takes two free throws all game. The officiating in this league SUCKS! I can’t exclaim that point enough.

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  • rvr

    time to hold our noses and hope marbury keeps his mouth shut and plays hard. i trust kg will keep him in line.