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RedsArmyAdmin February 24, 2009 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Revenge

The Denver Nuggets handed the Celtics their second loss of the season in Boston back in Novemeber.  So the C's came out with an objective,  blow the Nuggets out in their house, so they did.  The C's won their second straight without KG in Denver,  114- 76 .  Rajon Rondo posted a near triple double (14 pts, 8  assists, 8 reb), while Paul Pierce (22 pts, 6 reb) and Ray Allen (26 pts, 6 reb)  exposed the Nuggets defense.  J.R. Giddens scored his first NBA hoop in this game as we got a good look at the Celtics bench for the better half of the fourth quarter.   The C's played great defense in this game holding Denver to 76 pts and 34.7% from the floor.   Boston is now 5-0 without Garnett this season and posted two convincing victories in a row.    Scal, while filling in for Garnett, left the game in the second with a cervical sprain.  There are no new updates on Scalabrine's condition, but I would not be surprised if he sits out the next game given his recent head injuries.

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  • Scott

    Ray reminding me of Sweetness in that picture.

  • Fsantos33

    Great win guys but I hope Scal is okay. Concussion is no joke. He’s been the clown, fan favorite, and solid player all of the above. Overall he plays hard, has a big heart and he cares.

  • Nickels

    I think it’s just a doc thing with rookies. Especially on an (extremely) veteran team. I don’t think it’s that they are terrible. Pruitt, Walker, and Giddens just need more PT; it’s the only way they’ll improve. At the very least, they have seemed to embrace the team defense concept. Bill Walker’s goaltend was ridiculous.

  • Baronr

    We’re all homers, and Gabe/JR/Billy arent ready for the nba…look how doc handled a rookie ready to play in BBD last year, and heck Rondo won a title in his 2nd year, gabe can barely be trusted in garbage time

  • Bill

    Speaking of Rondo, I’m starting to think he’s taking the All-Star snub personally. Goddamn kid is sure playing like an All-Star. Celtics can go something like 13-2 without Garnett, but wouldn’t even be a .500 team without the man Rondo.