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Not Exactly The Comparison I Was Hoping For

RedsArmyAdmin February 24, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on Not Exactly The Comparison I Was Hoping For

Mikki Moore still isn't a done deal… but every sign seems to have him coming to Boston.  I think he can spend a little time here and pick things up.

I'd like to think that Moore, athletic and tall, can step in for 15 minutes to grab a rebound, block a shot, or at least get a hand in someone's face to make their shot a little more difficult.  I think Moore, given the chance to play alongside Boston's superstars and in Tom Thibodeau's defensive system, can find a little different level of play for at least a short while.

However, Tom Ziller, of Sactown Royalty and Fanhouse had a decidedly different idea of how this could go.

But yeah, Moore was not good. Berri is correct. Moore is, and has been, among the worst rebounders in the league at the power forward position … never mind center. He's Mark Blount bad in this area of the game. MARK. BLOUNT

(insert dry heaves here)

Moore has an amazing story, with a one-in-a-million work ethic and a heart of solid gold. I'm a huge fan of Moore, The Man. So if a team like Boston wants to had him in order to help the youngsters stay motivated, to add 2.3 guttural screams per game, to boost the dreadlock/frightening tattoo quotient … by all means, do it. But don't think Mikki will come in and be another P.J. Brown. That is not this dude.

I'm sticking to my theory that Moore can morph, at least a little, into the type of role player we need.  This system is different, and the motivation to get a ring can do funny things to a person.  We're not asking Moore to do what other teams have asked him to do (I don't think)… so maybe in this situation he can do just enough to help this team out.  Keep in mind, we don't need "rescuing" by Moore… we just need a little boost from him off the bench.

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