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What’s The Standard For Suspensions, Anyway?

I'd like to thank Red's Army reader Patrick for passing this along.

Take a look at what KG got suspended one game for earlier this season:

And now take a look at what Zach Randolph did last night.

So KG got tangled up with Andrew Bogut, and wasn't even looking when he threw the "punch."

Randolph stood over the guy and took a blatant cheap shot… and he gets TWO GAMES.

TWO???  You  mean to tell me that what Randolph did gets him only one more game than KG?  What the hell is the standard here?

UPDATE: You gotta love Zach's explanation:

Randolph said he was merely trying to push Amundson away. “He hopped up and got in my face and almost kissed me in my mouth,” Randolph said. “I just pushed him out of my face.”

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  • Hipocritics.

    I cant believe he only got 2 games. He knocked the guy down… taunted him while he was on the ground…. and then sucker punches the guy as hes getting up. Bitch move by Randolf and the league for giving him such a light punishment after “sending a message” to the league by giving KG a suspension for whatever he did.

  • OCLakers

    I was expecting at least three games and time in the penalty box. Oh well, it’s not like the Clippers are going to have much of a Power Play anyway.

  • Interesting how the NBA has already had YouTube take down that Randolph video…

  • D

    Typical anti-Celtics crap by the league…it’s been going on since 1950 (Red’s first year) so this is nothing new…

  • Showtime

    KG got the short end of the stick. I think because KG is sort of the face of the NBA right now (i hate saying this as a laker fan 🙁 ) but they don’t care about randolph…….They prolly hold KG to a higher standard……..BTW Hope Bill is doing great after his wife passing away. Celtics you guys are lucky for having such a Class Act!