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The Game Changer

RedsArmyAdmin February 18, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on The Game Changer

The Cleveland Cavaliers are making a push for Antawn Jamison. It's a deal that might dump Wally Szczerbiak's expiring contract in exchange for instant, no-doubt-about-it favorite status.

I'm not going to say it will be "game over" if Cleveland gets Jamison, but they'll clearly move ahead of everyone else if they do.  They're playing out of their minds right now, they've got Mo Williams playing some of the best ball of his life.  Delonte West, who was playing great before his injury, is coming back in the not-too-distant future.  And to improve things with a #2 option as potent as Jamison could simply be too much for opposing teams to handle.

The only potential saving grace is that we don't know how LeBron will react to being the favorite.  It might be the rest of the leagues only hope that he will crumble a little under that kind of pressure.  I would highly doubt it though.

And not only would getting Jamison be a game changer for this season, it could have a ripple effect for years.  If they DO get Jamison… and if they DO win the NBA title… then why would LeBron leave in 2010?  Why wouldn't he just try to re-up and ride this wave for as long as he could?  Why would he leave all that to go to a team that is clearly at the bottom floor and building around him all over again?

The Wiz say they're not looking to dump Jamison's salary.  I hope they're being sincere.  Because I think a trade for Jamison would have an effect for them that rivals the effect the Kevin Garnett trade had for us.

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  • Alvaro

    The trade would compare to the Gasol trade, one of the contenders separating themselves from the bunch.

  • Scott

    Tim, he wasn’t comparing Antawn to KG…he was comparing the effect. KG put us over the top, and Antawn could definitely do that for the Cavs.

  • Thanks Scott… that’s exactly what I was doing. The effect for their team will be as important to them as KG was for us.
    I really… really fear this possibility

  • who da guy

    the cavs are not going to land jamison, so now they have switched their focus onto Camby. Which i think could actually be more effective, because he is basically big Z who plays D.

  • Bill

    I don’t like this firesale stuff. Weak teams are selling off their only good players to primarily the top 5 teams looking to add to their already strong rosters. It hurts league parity and it distorts already competitive matchups. Why does Cleveland need a big? They’ve already got Wallace and Z. It’s like A-Roid taking steroids: he’s already one of the best hitters in the league, why take steroids?
    I liked PJ Brown and I felt reassured when Cassell joined last year, but there was a cheapened feeling I got (but I chose to suppress) when Danny picked up guys right before the deadline to make a push at the championship. I think this year’s SA vs. LAL and CLE vs. BOS matchups will go to 7 games and are good the way they are.

  • DRJ

    There is nothing the Cavs can do that would make them clear favorites over the Celtics, or even over the Lakers. It will still come down to execution – especially on the defensive end – and to health, the single biggest factor. If the Cs are healthy, there is no team that can beat them when they execute, with or without Jamison or anybody else.

  • Baron

    The wizards probably arent going to get rid of Jamison, and even if he does go to cleveland, i dont see him changing the celtics chances – hes not on the level of KG or even Gasol, so comparing it to those trades and scenarios is irrelevant

  • Nora

    Why would Washington do this? Why would they want to make the Cavs better. I don’t buy it for a minute.

  • You guys sound like like Jon Barry. That dude looks for any reason to knock the C’s. Boston is still the team to beat regardless of any recent trades rumors (aside from amare to cleveland). Wallys a scrub, The wiz will never help the cavs, Kobe is a bitch come playoff time, and LeBrons perimeter shooting can not lift his team over the C’s in a seven game series. Be easy the truth has got this.. but tough break for TA