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Sam Cassell Traded

RedsArmyAdmin February 17, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Sam Cassell Traded

ESPN reports the Celtics have shipped Sam Cassell to Sacramento:

The Celtics will send Sam Cassell and cash to the Kings for a future second-round pick. Barring any changes overnight, the deal is expected to be finalized Tuesday afternoon with the league office.

The deal helps the Celtics by removing Cassell's salary from the team's luxury-tax computations. The Kings give up virtually nothing to do it as the pick is heavily protected. Furthermore, another league source says the deal could pave the way for the Celtics to add another player to their roster prior to the playoffs. The Celtics had a maximum of 15 players on their current roster.

Cassell hasn't played a game for the Celtics this season, but he's been an important veteran voice in the locker room. While it's unclear what the Kings will do with Cassell, most likely they'll waive him.

Trader Danny is at it again. The question is: Who is he clearing space for? Stephon Marbury? Joe Smith? Player X?

Cassell's best game in green came about a year ago, when he dropped 17 points on the Spurs in San Antonio. He also scored 13 points in the Game 1 win over the Cavs in the playoffs. And there were those initial games where he drove us crazy by forcing shots outside of the flow of the offense. But he did provide plenty of laughs with this photo. Odds are Sam will be back on the bench as a coach very soon.

Meanwhile, John says he's losing his mind over the Celtics. News flash – there are a million reasons why you are crazy, don't blame the Celtics.

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  • They must be bringing in a big. They wouldn’t get rid of a back up point guard if they were trying to sign a back up point guard.
    I’m comfortable with our back court. We need a big man.

  • John Weber

    I am sorry to see Sam go, not because he was contributing anything these days, but because he was just a fun guy. Did anyone ever see a player who appeared to enjoy playing basketball more than Sam? I haven’t.

  • Regardless of who they plan on bringing in – big or small – I think Sam had to be the one to go. POB has another year on his deal. They like Gabe’s potential, same with Walker. It had to be Sam.

  • Bill

    We all know that Sam wants to make a transition to coaching. And according to the story, Sacramento is supposedly going to waive Sam. Is this just a series of hoops for Danny to jump through to move Sam from the roster to the coaching staff? I don’t know if it is possible to cut him as a player this late in the year and bring him on the books as an assistant coach without having to trade him.
    This does cause me a little concern since Sam is a better ball handler than Eddie and Gabe is still pretty inexperienced in the event that Rajon goes down (knock on wood). But I am very confident in this team right now and I trust Ainge’s decision making.
    Why is Sacramento doing this deal at all? Just for the cash?

  • AboveTheRim

    Danny picks up another 2nd rd pick and it’ll be a high pick since Sacramento sucks.
    That’s another Powe, Baby or Gomes right there the way Danny finds 2nd rd gems…

  • Matt

    Can anyone explain to me what a “highly protected second round pick” is?? Most people from what I read believe the Celtics will never even see this pick.
    Any thoughts…

  • Jester00

    Just heard the Celtics are signing Joe Kliene

  • Josh

    Damn Jesteroo does that mean the Joe Kliene throwback I got a month ago isn’t a throwback anymore? (And I am 100% serious, I have a Joe Kliene jersey, I haven’t decided on Ala Albdelnaby or Kevin Gamble for my next purchase)

  • Saw a guy recently w/Brad Lohaus throwback. I’m kind of partial to my sweet Jerry Sichting throwback. MAN..if we could get Joe Smith…