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Ugly Day

RedsArmyAdmin February 15, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Ugly Day

Imagine the personal ad said "brunette, huge boobs, totally into leather and MMA".  Sounds OK so far.  So you think "what the hell… I'll give this a chance."

Now imagine walking into that.

That was my level of disappointment with All Star Saturday.  The H-O-R-S-E game had no energy and very little creativity.  It really just became a 3 point contest with a couple of half-court distance shots mixed in.  It was very L-A-M-E.

The 3-point shootout featured a bunch of guys whose names were not synonymous with 3 point shooting and Jason Kapono.  No big names.  The best of the best weren't involved.  What made Larry Bird raising his hand before the money ball went in move was awesome mostly because it was Larry Bird who did it.

And the only memorable moment in the dunk contest was Dwight Howard bringing in the 12 foot rim… and he even made that look too easy.  I'll bet he could have windmilled that.  Nothing wowed me.  Even the good dunks took 4 or 5 attempts.

Very disappointing day.

(Image via The Internet Is Terrible)

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After the jump, more All Star weekend photos… including KG apparently freestyling.

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  • Scott

    I love this night in NBA Allstar weekend, but for the first time in a long time I just shut it off. The dunk contest was actually pissing me off. The judges were all on D-Howards tip because of all his hype. They were handing out 50s for crappy dunks. Old dunk contests put these hyped-out ones to shame.

  • ldsabdobf

    what do you expect, it’s phoenix lol. the team of letdowns.

  • zippittyay

    is that Chris Berman in drag?