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“This Must Be The Champions’ Section”


A few more photos from All Star weekend are coming out.  So we're sharing.  I really like these photos because they kind of give you a taste of the camaraderie.  But I think the picture you guys might like the best is the last one of Pau Gasol.


Whos got 2 thumbs, looks like an ostrich, and is a total douche... THIS GUY!!

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  • when any one of you meets pau gasol tell him he’s an
    El Cono de Puta.

  • lakers2009

    Haha thats harsh guys.
    If you guys havent heard, the Finals MVP has been renamed the Bill Russel Finals MVP. Being a Lakers fan, i honeslty couldnt think of a better person to have the award named after. I only hate this generation of the Celtics, and ainge and mchale.