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THAT’S A TRAVEL!! And so is that… and that… and….

That's Corey Maggette travelling 6 times on 1 play.  It's actually funny… until you realize that there's a referee standing right there watching the whole thing happen.  Ridiculous.

(Via TrueHoop)

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  • Coobs

    yah Boston Man, KG actually got called on it last night. i was pissed that they called it but it was in fact legit so i couldnt complain

  • RedsArmySoldier(Max Power)

    WOW…That’s all I have to say. It’s really a prime example of the terrible officiating of the NBA.


    If your going to travel at least score! Loser!!!

  • Triteon

    Almost as bad as the old Marjele travel:

  • Dennis

    THe lack of travel calls on shifting the pivot foot drives me nuts. Tim Duncan gets away with this all the time. He has happy feet once he get the ball on the corners, but the Big Fundamental never gets called for it.

  • Scott

    Absolutely horrendous. What else is there to say?