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RedsArmyAdmin February 9, 2009 Uncategorized 17 Comments on Power Rankings

I've decided (on a whim) to do a weekly Power Rankings. While I will take into account how a team is currently playing, the final ranking involves more "big picture" thinking.

1. Lakers – You can't deny their dominance. In fact, I'm starting to worry that it may be their year.

2. Celtics – Need to start beating the elite teams.

3. Cavaliers – Still not sure if they can maintain this pace.

4. Spurs – Is Roger Mason Jr the next Robert Horry?

5. Hornets – Despite the weaker record, still more of a threat than Denver and Orlando.

Feel free to give me your top 5 in the comments.

And one other note, Al Jefferson had to be helped off the court yesterday after suffering what may be a serious knee injury.

After the jump….one smokin' hot NBA dancer.

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  • Dre

    That dancer is number one on my Power Rankings. Lakers are number two, followed by Cleveland, Boston, Orlando, and Na’Leans.

  • I don’t know if I can agree on the Hornets being more of a threat, simply because unless CP3 is on fire it doesn’t seem like West and Chandler are that productive anymore.
    Also tough to see the C’s at #2 with their recent late-game execution, but I’ll take the optimism where I can get it.
    No complaints on the dancer.

  • Jester00

    Cleveland, Boston, Lakers, Spurs, New Orleans



  • Ryan (UNC)

    Lakers, Cleveland, Celtics, Spurs, Orlando

  • Bill

    That chick looks like Marcy from The Yada Yada.
    “Speaking of exes, my old boyfriend came over late last night, and, yada yada yada, I’m really tired today.”

  • zauer

    Right now its Lakers slightly ahead and then Boston, Cleveland, San Antonio all equall. But still I’m with Celtics in June. Rest doesn’t count, James Posey surely regrets his decision now.

  • Nora

    Lakers could just be peaking. Let’s see what happens come the most important time–playoffs.

  • Forklift

    wow glad to see celtic fans giving lakers some respect. I hate those banwagoner celtic fans that come over to our boards and talk trash thinking they are die hard celtics fans. I mean i can understand hating the lakers, but don’t diss the fans they didn’t do anything you know :D. Just wondering anyone see that jump picture of Kobe jump kicking Mo Williams on espn the other day. It was freaken hilarious.

  • Scott

    Posey’s decision was about the money. There’s really no denying that.

  • Lakerhater

    Nora is right, I want the C’s to peak (hopefully as a result of new additions Danny) in the spring. Cav’s may have already peaked.

  • thetitleisours

    Time for us to get a gift “Pau Gasol” type trade this year to give us what PJ did for us last year.
    Rest the starters and see what Bill Walker can do on defense

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Just got back from Beantown. The game was fantastic, would have liked a different ending, but the fans blow Flaker Fans away. One fan actually yelled DIE when Sasha shot the ball, loved that.
    I agree with 2 posts on this blog.
    1. Late game execution needs to improve-if KG is in that Faker game til the end of regulation or overtime, we win. Mainly just mental mistakes that these veterans shouldn’t be making.
    2. We need a “gift” trade or any big man we can get at this point. The Flakers are executing well inside and out this year, but their defense has been crappy after the start of the season. This is how we can still beat them, our D. But we need some more size inside to bang…Brad Miller, Shaq, Sheed? I know thats megabucks, but were gonna need size at any cost.

  • Bill

    Speaking of Posey, how is he 4th in the league in technical fouls? Perk is 5th.
    As a team, Boston is 3rd worst in the NBA in turnovers per game, 16th in assist-to-turnover ratio and leads the league in technical fouls. The good news is Boston is 2nd in overall FG% and 3rd in 3pt %. I’m starting to wonder if they’re shooting themselves in the feet when they’re playing good teams with some of these bonehead stats. You can commit turnovers against bad teams and still win, it’s doing it against the LAs and Clevelands of the league is when it kills you.

  • Kareem

    I’d have to put the Lakers on top, followed by Spurs, Celtics, Cavs, Magic.
    Imagine if we somehow managed to get Shaq???? That would be amazing.

  • Scott

    Whatever is goin on…Pau is in heaven.