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Seems Like An Easy Choice. But…

RedsArmyAdmin February 7, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on Seems Like An Easy Choice. But…

Ball Don't Lie is putting together an NBA Jam style tournament.  It's 2-on-2, and its based on the old video game.  The Celtics got a first round "bye" by being matched up against BDL's own JE Skeets and Tas Melas.

Except… ummm… how should I put this?

The voting is even right now.

As much as I love an ironic vote… and as much as I want to see the Greek succeed (because he's probably my cousin or something)… this simply cannot stand.

Head on over and vote right away.  Hell… clear your cache and vote over and over again.  Don't let this injustice stand!

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