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5 Benefits to the Lakers Loss


Being the optimistic one (wink-wink) here at Red's Army, I found 5 silver linings in last night's ref-aided loss to the Lakers.  Here's goes:

5.  Media Lovefest: Can you hear all those ESPN blowhards touting how tough the Lakers are this year? If not, you will – repeatedly for the next few months. So will the Celtics. The Lakers are now the clear favorites, allowing the Celtics to play the "underdog" card.  

4. Overconfidence: Kobe and Co. just walked into our building minus Andrew Bynum and beat us. They should be confident. But egos like Kobe's are impossible to keep in check. And Lamar Odom is dumb enough to think he's actually a clutch player. The Lakers think they have our number. All this adds up to a false sense of security.

3. Motivation: The C's might just rattle off another 12 game winning streak, but Doc will always have the Lakers card to get the guys up. "We're still not good enough to beat LA," is something Rivers should shout during any sloppy practice.

2. New Players: As well as Eddie and Leon played last night, the bench still has two glaring weaknesses – a big and a playmaker. This was painfully obvious to everyone including Danny Ainge last night. Joe Smith and Stephon Marbury cure those ills. A deal(s) will be made.

1.  KG: He's pissed. Never a good thing for the other 29 teams.

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  • XMan 12

    You took the words right out of my mouth Chuck..I actually had these points floating around in my mind when the buzzer sounded…also the fact that we lost by 1 having KG on the bench for the last 9 minutes of the game….no worries, we got them in June!!!

  • Tim (FD)

    Good post Chuck.
    The last one in is the most important in my opinion.
    But I still would have killed to win that game.

  • G4L

    #3 is the most important one.

  • 6. Reminding us that Glen Davis is still not a jump shooter.
    Did we really need to be reminded this? Repeatedly?

  • Mooz

    KG pissed bad news good one hahaha.
    C’s need to get into that vibe again like last season and its gonna be all good.

  • sanandreas

    Celtics haven’t repeated in 4 decades(Bird couldn’t), what makes you feel this is the year? Except for home court, Lakers don’t care much about regular season, only care about finals. They are still very motivated, so that dispels #’s 3,4, & 5. As for #1, Garnett was just pissed Odom slapped his ass in public in front of his fans. With therapy, he’ll get over it. Hope both teams make it to June at full strength so we can avenge last year, just like we did in ’85 & ’87 when you were last trying to repeat, before you went on your two decade hiatus. Congrats on being back in the mix now.

  • Mike O

    Another intelligent point by a Lakers fan. Thank you for enlightening us all Andro.

  • Sr. Swish

    Excuse me, but what does Shaq have to do with any of this discussion? Since you brought it up, the REAL truth is that Kobe HASN’T won without Shaq, and Paul Pierce still has KG and Ray Ray on the team. With the logic you present, I like our chances.
    Really, thank you for enlightening us all.

  • rob

    I ain’t buying all the psychology (#’s 5,4,3,1). It’s a game of matchups, not motivation. Come June, there will be no shortage of motivation on either side.
    The difference in the two games this year versus the finals last year? Gausol. He was utterly MIA last year in the finals, living up to every cliche about the soft european big. This year he’s playing like a full-grown man, and he’s smart. That matchup with Gausol went to the celtics last year–to KG, to Perk, to Greg Kite, to whatever was tall and wearing green. Not so this year. Bynum or no bynum, the celts bigs either turn in up a notch, or the celts lose to the lakers in the finals. If they make it past cleveland.
    By all means, let’s hire a seven footer. Soon.

  • Scott

    Rob, you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think motivation/mindset/etc. don’t come into play…even in the playoffs. I’m sure you’ve played competitive sports at one point or another.

  • Jim

    If the game was “Ref Aided” why do you need to trade?

  • Dre

    Chuck is the Bill O’Reilly of RedsArmy.com. So much spin…
    Motivation is the only positive coming out of that game. Let’s move on…

  • Rush

    i hope wyc/danny got a close look at how those fakers were rejoicing and make the moves that will make those jerks wish they hadn’t celebrated too early.

  • John Weber

    No one should get too crazy about that loss to the Lakers on Thursday night. That game could have gone either way, and it easily could have gone to the Celtics. Has everyone forgotten that Paul Pierce stepped to the foul line with the score 101 to 102 against with five or six seconds left in regulation? He clanged the first of his two shots, making the second to put the game into overtime. Paul is absolutely entitled to have missed this opportunity to win the game after the number of his last minute heroics that have won game after game. But he could have won this one too. The point is that nothing would have changed had the Celtics won. The Lakers are tough, and the Celtics simply could not put any space between them throughout the game: every time we got a tiny lead, they came right back to close it up. June will be interesting.

  • Ubershorty

    Ref assisted win for the Lakers? I remember a ton of crappy calls against the Lakers. If anything, the refs were helping the Celtics.

  • zippittyay

    BTW, Leon Powe is a better mid-range jump shooter than BBD could ever hope to be.