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KG’s Brilliant G Commercial


Well… it's brilliant if you're a Monty Python fan.  Then you'll jizz in your pants when you realize it's a Holy Grail spoof (go here for Holy Grail videos).  It's like a mini-movie… but well worth it.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Usain Bolt, Bolt's ego (really), Keri Walsh & Misty May, Derek Jeter, Jimmy Johnson, and the voice of Michael Jordan all co-star.

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  • who da guy

    single greatest movie i have ever seen……..

  • Chuck

    This thing is like one of my dreams after 10 beers and too many bread-and-butter pickles.

  • double P reppin the B

    haha wow that was fantastic, i love the “DISMOUNT!” whenever they come to a stop. King Garnett leadin the way once again!!

  • bostonstrangler

    “Usain! Your ego is getting too big. We have to throw it overboard!”