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Body Count

RedsArmyAdmin February 3, 2009 Uncategorized 13 Comments on Body Count

Injuries to some of the best players on the league's best teams are occurring with alarming frequency. Last night, Chris Paul limped off the court with a strained groin while the Magic's Jameer Nelson dislocated his right shoulder. MRIs scheduled for later today will reveal the scope of the damage (Might Rondo get the All-Star call to replace Jameer?). And the Lakers have lost Andrew Bynum for up to 12 weeks with a torn MCL.

Fortunately for us, the Celtics are only dealing with the flu. KG is definitely out for tonight's game against Philly.

“We didn’t have to tell him,” Rivers said. “He’s sick still. He’s not well enough to play. We’re hoping on Wednesday when we come back we can have a practice and get him up and down the floor, and he can play Thursday and Friday. But if he’s not feeling great by (tomorrow), then he won’t play in those games either.”

TA is also sick. While he didn't practice yesterday, he did fly to Philly with the team. Scal (post concussion issues) is also out.

For the record, I've not had my flu shot this winter. That thing hurts. Watching my 4-year-old son get his was enough pain for me.

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  • Might Rondo get the All-Star call to replace Jameer?
    Thy name is Mo.

  • zauer

    When i saw contestant chosen to Skills Challenge, i thought Rondo would have a chance in this. His only weakness is his shot, but his way better than others at rest. So he could replace Nelson in Allstar game and in Skills Chalenge

  • coobs

    “…if he’s not feeling great (by tomorrow) then [KG] won’t play in [Thursday and Friday’s] games either.”
    there is no chance in hell that KG misses the game on Thursday. he would play with one leg and still be effective

  • G4L

    Ray Allen should take his spot period!

  • Josh

    The flu shot has nothing on the pain caused by the anthrax shot, that thing is painful, and it is a series of seven with a yearly booster!

  • Baron

    Jameer Nelson is a mediocre player who never belonged in the ASG to begin with

  • I think it’s gonna be Mo Williams too. As much as I want Rondo in… I still don’t think it’ll be a Celtic.

  • Jester00

    Josh, the third one in the series, is the one that makes your arm feel like there is lava in your vains, thanks for reminding of that fun pain. I saw grown men cry after that one. yea the ful has nothing on Anthrax

  • Kurt Rambis

    Rejoicing in other teams’ injuries. Nice. I guess if you can’t beat the whole team, might as well try your luck against the banged-up remnants.
    You guys love to say “injuries are no excuse.” But you’d sing a different tune if KG went down, and you know it. Your team is made up of players. If key players are absent, your team’s strength is reduced – period. Injuries are a very good excuse.
    But here’s the thing. Without Bynum, LA’s still a strong contender. We’re just not gonna have the cakewalk we would have had with Bynum in the line-up. Without Garnett, this whole blog would disappear because Boston would be mediocre at best.

  • Nora

    Lakers fans are delusional if they think Bynum is on the same level as KG. Bynum has done a total of nothing in the league yet.

  • DRJ

    I do not “rejoice” in Bynum’s misfortune. But the big jerk deserved what he got for punching a hole in Wallace’s lung. That was seriously stupid, as was his standing around watching Kobe fall into his leg. The guy’s a menace, apparently just as much to himself as to everyone around him.
    The Celtics do not need, want or make excuses. And anyway, LA is not important enough to think about. It’s just another game, and probably the last time we’ll play the Lakers this year… you’ll be watching us play the Spurs in the Finals. (Though I would prefer LA… Spurs are a REAL team. They would never be blown out by 39.)

  • droopy

    correct me if im wrong but we lost KG for 2 or 3 weeks last year? 11 games? and i know we were 7-2 at one point without him and not sure what the final tally was… get your shit together haters before you come on a boston site

  • Rush

    why is it when injuries are being discussed, clueless faker fans see it as us rejoicing?