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Cue The Lakers Excuses

RedsArmyAdmin February 2, 2009 Uncategorized 15 Comments on Cue The Lakers Excuses

Without even seeing the MRI, the preliminary word is that Andrew Bynum will be out until March:

The preliminary diagnosis is that Bynum suffered a sprained right knee against Memphis Saturday and will miss the next six weeks. But it could be longer, and the damage could be more serious, pending results of an MRI taken yesterday.

We've heard the excuses a million times before.  And if the Celtics beat the Lakers without Bynum, then we'll hear them again.  But if you really have the best TEAM… you'll be able to overcome injuries.  The Celtics overcame no KG to beat the hottest team in the league and withstand a low-post barrage from Al Jefferson.  That's because Paul Pierce stepped up.

I hope Bynum comes back sooner rather than later.  I don't want to hear that excuse when I get back from the parade.

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  • double P reppin the B

    As soon as I heard bynum went down (again) I knew the excuses were coming. It isn’t our fault the guy is now officially injury prone. Makes that big deal you signed him to a little less comforting now, considering he’s messed up both knees now?

  • AboveTheRim

    Karma for sending Gerald Wallace to the ER.
    I bet the Fakers are practicing their flops for calls right now. They’re gonna need all the help/calls they can get.

  • Bill

    Losers fans have dished out enormous shit about Pierce “faking” the knee injury. Suppose for argument’s sake that they were being extra cautious with the wheelchair and Pierce was generous with the wincing. I’d rather have a guy who fakes knee injuries and can still play and lead his team to a chip than a guy who has fragile knees and, to this point, is pure hype and expectation. In no way am I saying that Pierce actually faked anything, but I am saying Pierce has achieved results. Glass Bynum hasn’t done shit.
    On a side note, I loved the “it’s all my fault” look on Kobe’s face right after it happened.

  • Ubershorty

    The Lakers aren’t the ones that need all the calls/help to win….

  • Rodger In Illinois

    On another note the 85-86 celtics still have the best home record 40-1.
    Looking at cleavelands schedule I hate to say it but I think they’ve got a good shot at breaking it.
    L.A. and Boston are the only teams that really have a shot at beating them at home boston plays them on their 40th home game la this week.
    This is one record even the bulls couldn’t touch although they missed it by one game one year.
    I think this celtic team could go 41-0 at home if they really focused maybe next year in the mean time somebody beat cleaveland at home please.

  • Nora

    I’m surprised Laker fans aren’t here making them yet.

  • Rodger In Iliinois

    coobs it was dec 6th 1985 against trailblazers portland won 121-103 at the garden.
    I’m trying to find a box score for that game.

  • thetitleisours

    This guy is injury prone, so doesn’t that factor into the equation when you measure his worth? Cannot use that excuse because that is WHO he is. Oft injured.
    Besides we could use the excuse that LA got Gasol for free while we gave up an All-Star in Al Jefferson. WE have THE excuse if we ever lose.
    Besides maybe it is Payback for 80’s with Bird nd McHale were often hurt. Maybe BOSTON would be the team of the 80’s if that did not occur. If Laker fans will say that Boston had a better team in the 80’s and the Laker’s got lucky because of those injuries than maybe I will give them this one. Otherwise they should be quiet.

  • inferno

    What excuses? We haven’t lost yet…have we?
    Its not an excuse when its simply an undeniable fact. When Bynum is in the line-up we are a much stronger team and Pau is a much more effective player…not excuses…fact.
    We can’t beat the Celtics in a 7 game series without him…I believe that to be fact as well…not an excuse…I wouldn’t expect you to beat us in a 7 game series without KG…
    Does this suck losing him 2 years in a row? Yes…Will the Lakers roll over and die? Well…if last year is any indication…we’ll still get to the Finals…and yes, I DO think we can still win in the Finals…
    NBA Finals
    Lakers 4 Cavs 2
    Go Lakers

  • bryan

    you called the twolves the hottest team in the nba. wow

  • baltimoresbest01

    can you show me what year Jefferson was an all-star?

  • Fsantos33

    Damn inferno – I was really looking forward for both our teams to have full squads on the court. Really too bad. Without Bydumb you still have a very good team. Well, until Lakers Celtics Part 2 in June.

  • inferno

    Here’s why I’m here…
    1) One of my life long Celtic friends asked me to check out the site a couple of years ago
    2) I am very sure and confident of MY team, so much so, I don’t feel the need to go to a Laker site just to be agreed with by 30 other people-conflict and friction is much more fun…
    3) See anser 2)
    …and Nora…TEAMS win Championships, not individuals…We shouldn’t need Kobe to score 61 to win.
    Go Lakers

  • Right Nora..? Why are Lakers fans even here..? The only logical explanations I can think of are:
    1)They are closet Celts fans.
    2)They are so unsure of their own team, they try to get an edge by obsessing over their rivals.
    3)They are such dicks that even the people on their own team’s blogs don’t want them around….

  • inferno

    Title-whore…the only time I make comments like that is when they apply…here they apply…
    Making intelligent counter-points to pointless commentary like yours is a herculean task…I’ll try harder…
    Pick the bar, buddy…or should I just go to Chuck-E Cheese and call out for the “Franks and Beans” guy…
    Let me know…in the mean-time, calm down and enjoy the game…
    Go Lakers