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No KG, No Worries

RedsArmyAdmin February 1, 2009 Uncategorized 5 Comments on No KG, No Worries


Ok…I got worried when the T-Wolves cut a 20+ Celtics lead down to 6 late in the fourth. But Superman would not be denied on this day. Check out the Truth's line:

41 min, 36 pts, 13-24 FG, 8 reb, 6 assists, 1 blk

Al Jefferson played out of his mind in this game: 34 pts, 15-21 FG, 11 reb, 4 blks

KG missed this game with the flu:

"He's sick. He's really bad. His fever's really high," Rivers said. "He's not playing today. He's probably not playing Tuesday. For him to be out of any game, especially today, he's got to be pretty sick."

Box Score | Recap

Feel the Heat…after the jump.

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  • double P reppin the B

    god i love those heat dancers

  • JoeJohnson&kobeownthelepers

    lol read meh name.

  • Bill

    I would kill to have Big Al back in green. He is sooo consistent. Doesn’t seem to have the passion or fire that KG has, which worries me a little. He seems fine with being the superstar on a bad team getting his 20 and 10 each night and then going home. All in all I was happy to see Big Al and Ryan Gomez. Two quality guys.

  • MAN I wanted ‘Zona to beat the Steelers. Oh well..hopefully Brady and the boys will be back in it next year. Can’t wait ’til Thursday night. Anybody going..?

  • alex

    Does anyone else think Tony Allen looks much quicker since he’s been back these last couple of games? He just blows right by people.