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The Foul

RedsArmyAdmin January 31, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on The Foul

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  • Baron

    Ugh, I despise mike breen and the espn commentators…theres a better version with mike/donny out there

  • Bill

    I don’t buy the explanation that it wasn’t intentional. It was intentional all the way. His reaction after the play solidified it for me. But I love Perk for it. He’s probably getting revenge on that bitch ass Maxiell for that hard foul on Rondo last year.

  • I’ve been wondering how Perk was able to throw down a dude of Maxiell’s size. But after watching the replay, you can see Perk also use his hip to bump out Maxiell’s legs – making the throwdown possible. Great move Perk!

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    “Wind up…impact…follow through…” WTF, that announcer is getting a tad dramatic with that commentary.

  • Al

    What about the foul on House!!!!

  • Nora

    What was Maxiell’s reaction as he body slammed Rondo while he was in the air lastyear?

  • Tom

    What are you guys talking about Perkins being the better man. That was a freaken dirty foul. I mean if he hooked his head and just let him fall then yeah it’s just a hard foul, but when someone hooks your head and throws you down then that’s a dirty ass foul. Also him walking away doesn’t make him a better man. He got his hit when he threw him down and all Maxiell was able to do was do a little shove. Hell if i was able to throw someone down like and walk away without even a scratch i’ll be happy as a clam.

  • PxFunk

    Maybe you should clam up Tom, it was a hard and excessive foul for sure, but its not like he tried to hurt the guy. Watch this:
    Hard foul? Yes. Was he tryin to hurt Rondo? Doubt it. Eye for an eye, paybacks a bitch. That shit dont fly in Perks house!

  • Dre

    Anyone who has played basketball knows how to foul someone without getting kicked out of a game. If Perkins wanted to stop Maxiell from continuing the play, he would have tied Maxiell’s hand up with his left arm. His left arm wasn’t in the play… bad foul.