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Rip Hamilton Is Gross

RedsArmyAdmin January 30, 2009 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Rip Hamilton Is Gross

Ray Allen and Eddie House are both hot.  Ray Allen and Eddie House are now wearing those ridiculous shooting sleeves.  Eddie says he's wearing it because his elbow is sore and he'll take it off when his arm feels right.  Ray has a much more disgusting reason.

Allen began wearing the sleeve on his left arm to defend repeated scratches from Pistons guard Richard Hamilton in last season’s Eastern Conference finals. The Celtics guard was mired in a prolonged shooting slump at the time, but he regained his form and has continued wearing the sleeve this season.

I know we've mentioned Rip Hamilton's disgustingly long nails before… but just reading that again creeped me out.  How does he shoot with those talons?

Back to the Celtics: Jess Camerato has a closer look at Eddie's hot shooting.

And the Celtics are not happy about Ray not making the team.

"coaches all over the league talk about sacrificing,” Doc Rivers said after yesterday’s practice but before the selections were announced. “I might be venting for no reason, but I just get that sense they’re being hypocritical because somebody who doesn’t make it on our group (sacrifices). (But) that’s what they did. They voted for numbers instead of sacrifice, wins and efficiency.”

And here's Danny

“Now that he’s having the best season of his career – the most efficient season of his career – this happens?  Ray is the most efficient scorer in the league. He’s one of the best wing players in the conference and arguably our best offensive player.

“I think it’s an interesting thing because the coaches vote on this, and they’re always preaching that you should sacrifice so your team can win. And then they go and pick other players."

And let me cruise over to and check the league standings.  Oh… lookey here at who has the best record again.  Orland was even nice enough to help us out.

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  • Doctor Hardwood

    Ray is enough of a professional that this will not bother him at all. In fact, look for him to go off on the Pistons tonight. Obviously, giving Orlando 3 All-Stars and the C’s only 2 and the Cav’s NONE except Lebron, is a huge injustice.
    As stated before, we will have our All-Star Game in June, and I invite all the Orlando players to follow along on TV.
    As far as the TNT/NBA TV crew goes, I THINK they hate the Celtics, but it’s hard to tell since they all just talk at the same time, making their comments unintelligible. The producers must think it’s cute and funny. But in reality, it just sounds amateurish and unprofessional.
    Final Vote:
    Ray= Professional
    Payton, Webber= Ass Clowns

  • Alex

    John, that picture nearly made me spit out my coffee laughing. Classic!
    Haven’t been commenting much (life sucks), but this is still THE first Celtics website I check out every day.
    I too am disappointed that Ray didn’t make it (Rashard Lewis???!!!), but oh well. The man has a ring. Ultimately, what’s more important?
    You and Chuck keep up the fantastic work on this site!

  • Photoshopping Rip as Freddy Krueger. That’s a fantastic idea, wish I had thought of that back on November 2nd 2008..

  • Fully agree with Doc and Danny, and it is hypocritical.
    It’s very disappointing that Ray didn’t get in.