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Ray Gets Screwed

RedsArmyAdmin January 30, 2009 Uncategorized 20 Comments on Ray Gets Screwed

Paul Pierce is the only other Celtic joining Kevin Garnett at the All-Star game. Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo didn't make the cut. Here are the rest of the East reserves:

  • Chris Bosh
  • Joe Johnson
  • Danny Granger
  • Jameer Nelson
  • Rashard Lewis
  • Devin Harris

Yes….Rashard Lewis. Am I the only one suprised? Here's a look at the stats:

Ray Allen -  18ppg, 50% FG, 41% 3FG, 93% FT, 3.4 reb, .98 stls, 2.8 assists

R. Lewis – 19.3 ppg, 45% FG, 42% 3FG, 82% FT, 6 reb, 1.2 stls, 2.6 assists

Very close. But when you run with the defending champs, you should get the nod. When you play third fiddle for a pretender, you have to wait til next year.

For those wondering:

The All-Star reserves are selected by the 30 NBA head coaches, who voted for seven players in their own conference, but not from their own team. Phil Jackson will coach the West team on the basis of his Lakers clinching the conference's best winning percentage through Feb. 1. The East will be coached by either Cleveland's Mike Brown or Orlando's Stan Van Gundy. Boston's Doc Rivers coached the East All-Stars last season and is therefore ineligible to coach this year's squad.

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  • Bill

    Okafor, Perk, Ilgauskas, Horford
    Wait till March 8. Perk has and will show the world how overrated Howard is. I know he’s big and athletic. But that’s all he has. Take that away and he’s nothing. Keep him 3 feet from the rim and he’s nothing. And don’t get me started about the Sprite Layup contest. “Ooh look at me! I’m wearing a cape! That warrants a 50! I deserve to win because I’m wearing a halloween costume from Rite-Aid.”

  • Ok.. let’s not go nuts here. Dwight Howard is an absolute lock choice for the All Star game. Who else are you going to put at center? Yeah, he needs to work on his low post game, but his raw athleticism is pretty amazing and more than enough to make him a dominant player on most nights.
    Rashard Lewis is a stretch… but Orlando is surprising people… so that probably elevates what’s happening to some people.

  • Breana

    Come on he lost a jump ball to a 6’1” PG on national television that’s enough to disqualify him from making the list.

  • DRJ

    All Star game is a big joke, a circus. I’d rather none of our guys went and just rested / practiced.

  • Fsantos33

    Agreed Chuck – Orlando gets 3 players in the game that’s BS. Like I said on the other post Ray Ray and Rondo will use this as extra motivation and take it out on their upcoming opponents. More rest for Ray Ray.

  • Who cares…more rest-less stress. Breana..who are you referring to…?

  • Baron

    The magic deserve more all-stars than any team in the league? really? what a joke

  • Rush

    breana was refering to rajon winning a jump against rashard in the bos-orl game.

  • what?

    stats are overrated. this shit is whack

  • double P reppin the B

    No Baron you would be surprised, a weekend away with the family to relax and rest your body and mind can do wonders for a player. Take a break from all the hoopla. Get you ready for the next half of the season, don’t overlook how effective that can be

  • PJ

    Rashard is a forward, that’s why he made the team… less competition in the East for a 3/4.
    I’d rather the Celtics got some rest, but it would have been nice to see Ray make it again (and three Celtics does make a little more sense than three Magic, though the Magic have been very very good).
    Ray deserved it more this year than last year. Oh well.

  • Nora

    DRJ, the all star results were out before the Cleveland game…

  • ssshady35

    We have our All star game in June when the rest of these “All stars” are watching us!!! I’d rather have KG and PP get their rest, they have both had their fair share of All Star games all they really want is the RING!!!

  • Jonny Drama

    Some coaches probably got swooned because Lewis is making about 3 (2.9) 3-pointers a game. Ray Allen is not far off at all, averaging 2.4 (and good for 4th highest), but maybe the coaches thought there was something magical about making 3 per game. Just my guess.

  • AboveTheRim

    jameer nelson?!? over Rondo?? Rashard Lewis is winning shooting lights out but no way you have jameer at guard over Ray or rondo

  • darklanceroy

    Ray Allen snubbed again!!! It’s the fault of the fans who voted in Iverson as a starter. AI does not deserve to be an All-Star this season. This year was also too early for Jameer Nelson. All of a sudden there was this bandwagon for Nelson. If it was between Nelson and Rondo/Allen, the coaches should have gone with the Celtics. The Magic didn’t even beat the Celtics in their matchup!!! That 2-7 string of 9 games really hurt their chances though. Oh well. Had they gone maybe at least 6-3 in that stretch and have only 5 losses right now, Rondo and Allen would have been All-Stars. What the hell happened during those 9 games???!!!! The Celtics could have had 4 All-Stars!!! The Magic stole two positions this year. WTF?!

  • Rj

    zZZzzzZZZzzzZz ….did the playoffs start yet?

  • Scott

    Bill, you can’t honesty put any of those guys above Howard. It would just be ridiculous. Howard is averaging 20pts, 14 rebs, and 3 blocks. It would be a travesty is he weren’t the East starting center. I was very critical a few posts ago when a blogger called him the “best pure center of the present day era.” I mean, he has NO post game and not even a hint of a shot. But, as John mentioned, his athleticism and stats are too hard to ignore.
    I’m laughing really hard about your comment on his Superman dunk, though. I was never a fan of that. I don’t understand why everyone that it was awesome. A) He took off from well inside the free throw line. B) Even taking off from where he did, he couldn’t even reach the rim. C) He didn’t even dunk it, as he came several inches from touching the rim. To me, that was an insult to the dunks that used to get thrown down in old dunk contests (the days of Chocolate Thunder, Isiah Rider, Shawn Kemp, MJ…or VC even, who I consider to be one of the best dunkers ever). It just goes to show how stupid people are and how easily they can get caught up in gimmicks.

  • B

    RJ – dont make this about ray vs PP, they dont even play the same position and pierce deserved it, period..as much as KG…ray got snubbed by 2 fucking average players from the gdamn magic making the reserves

  • MLCarr

    Nice call KWAPT…
    I can’t choose between Victoria or Gattina…forget the All-stars!