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Don’t Do It Eddie

RedsArmyAdmin January 29, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Don’t Do It Eddie

"Eddie's in a special place right now, and I know how he feels. It feels like every time he shoots, it's going to go in, no matter who's on him, who he is playing against. I can tell the way he's shooting it that he feels that every shot is going to go in."

That's Paul Pierce on "Eddie Mansion." The Celtics are making a big push to get Eddie into the 3-Point Shooting contest during All-Star weekend.  Sure it will be fun, but Eddie won't win. His shot is all legs. He will get tired.

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  • AboveTheRim

    Great win and good minutes for everybody. 12 dudes saw the floor.
    Nothing on Andrew Bynum assaulting Gerald Wallace??

  • Danno

    Did Bynum get suspended yet?

  • Orb

    According to Doc, Eddie won’t care if he wins, he just wants the free flight to AZ.