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KG Would Never Lose To Young Jeezy

… and there's no way Young Jeezy really has "basketball money"… not like KG.

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  • Josh

    Isn’t this the same guy that wrote that ignorant song about his president being black, and at the same time bragging about his car and rims?

  • BenJamin

    this commercial sucks

  • Ryan (UNC)

    can we please talk about the return of ta??????

  • Scott

    DRJ….way to be a hater. It’s cool if you don’t like it, but no reason to hate on it.
    I’m actually a huge hip hop fan. Jeezy is good for catchy stuff…but his lyrics are shit. Typical rapper lyrics about rims, girls, and money. He’ll have an occasional good line, but he really can’t go a whole song without talking about typical rapper stuff.
    And double P is right, not a shot in hell Jeezy has KG money. He’s definitely got money, but not basketball money.
    AINGE…I’m diggin the Dre reference haha. I hope Detox comes out this year.

  • now if that was Del tha Funkee Homosapien or Kool Keith that comercial would have kicked ass

  • Jester00

    I would love to play either of them heads up in poker!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • davecowens

    Talent doesn’t matter in the rap world anymore. Hip hop equates sales with talent. Nike should release a commercial with Rondo playing cards with Talib Kweli or Mighty Mos. That would at least be interesting. Young Jeezy has as much charsima as an area rug.