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Still Not Miller Time

RedsArmyAdmin January 27, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Still Not Miller Time

From the Globe:

Former NBA shooting guard Reggie Miller admitted earlier today on the Dan Patrick Show that he received calls from both the Celtics and Cavaliers earlier this season asking if he would be interested in playing. It was the second inquiry in the last two years that the Celtics have made into the availability of Miller's services.

Judging by the looks of this photo, Reggie is enjoying retirement too much to come back and play for the C's.

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  • Fsantos33

    Ahh Yeaaa, good times – that’s some easyyy trim for Reg’ – Isn’t that you and John in the back…. you guys went to the party and didn’t invite us… hahaha

  • D

    It’s not Miller Time, but it’s always Bud Light with Lime time. I wonder what the C’s available to them for postgame drinks.

  • Miller’s a dick anyways. Great shooter, great competitor, but pure D-I-C-K. Is Acie Earl around anywhere…? Vin Baker..?

  • Travis Outlaw

    Mike Smith from BYU is that the current Los Angeles Clippers television and radio commentator?