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Scal Out At Least A Week

After taking an elbow to the chin from Dirk Nowitzki… Scal took another shot from Patrick O'Bryant today in practice.  Now he's out with a concussion.

"He got hit in the head and just had a mild concussion," Rivers said. "I don't know if he is out, but it's close. He'll be out probably for quite some time.

I'm being told it will be at least a week.  I guess if POB can't earn his way onto the court, he's just going to take the people above him on the depth chart out.

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  • G4L

    Paybacks a Bitch… Scal popped Perks shoulder out of place a few years ago. Ever since then he’s had shoulder issues!

  • Baron

    wow people, scal is not the reason for the winning, period…the guy is finally doing what hes getting paid to do, plain and simple…this celtics team is not going to fall apart without him, please. I realize hes been playing well latelty (for him) but do you really think its a big blow ? give me a gdamn break

  • MikeintheNE

    Scal has been playing better but you could bring Vin and Tonic back he’d look like a good player on this team. They have been playing that well.
    The Notorious POB.

  • Danno

    Patrick O’Bryant fucking sucks.
    He’s like a less mobile, less talented Marc Blount.
    Danny, trade him. Now.

  • Clearly Baron hasn’t watched a game in a month….even I have been giving Scal credit lately.

  • I hope the Celtics won’t disintegrate without Scal. 😉 Nah, injuries are never funny.


    Scal I will miss you,and some of you are right a guy who knows the system works hard hustles listens to the coach is always ready to play and energies the home crowd nah he won’t be missed.

  • Juan

    Come on people! Lets stop with the crazy talk! Scalabrini is not better than Tony Allen.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    I’ve seen someone writing about Blount… maybe you’ve already seen this picture, but every time I find it hilarious:

  • alex

    I used to hate to see Scal out there too, but lately he has played well. The team has been playing with more energy and he has been a part of that when he’s on the floor. That being said, I still cringe whenever he starts to dribble the ball.

  • inferno

    Oh no…I can see the excuse train pulling into the station now…I hope Veal Scallobrini is back for the Laker game…I want your full squad in tact for the beating…
    Go Lakers