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Blogger MVP/ROY Voting: The Red’s Army Edition

We bloggers have come together again to show actual MVP and Rookie of the Year voters how it's done.  This is round 6… and we're hosting this sucker right here (you can find past votes here).  Joining me in the voting are these fine folks:

David Arnott:  Rufus on Fire
Rob D:
Andrew Feinstein:  Denver Stiffs
Wyn Douglas:  Canis Hoopus
MyNetsForLife:  Nets Daily
Brett Hainline:  Queen City Hoops
Dan Feldman:  Piston Powered
Royce Young:  Daily Thunder
Jeff Sack:  Slam Dunk Central and Le Basketbawl
Alex Boeder:  BrewHoop
James Borbath: Dino Nation
Michael Schwartz: Valley of the Suns
Joshua Coleman: 3 Shades of Blue
Don Landrigan:  With Malice
David Clark:  The Dream Shake
College Wolf:  TWolves Blog
Jeremy Schmidt:
Without further ado:



Lebron James (180 points)

DinoNation: I have run out of words. Can we just name him the MVP Elect and wait for his crowning at the end of the year

Jeff Sack: By the year 2030 there will be a replica of Mount Rushmore behind the Basketball Hall Of Fame in Springfield, Mass. instead of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, this one will be comprised of Larry, Magic, Michael, and LeBron.

David Arnott:  It feels like in any other year, Howard or Wade would be runaway choices for MVP at this point, but they're damned to live in the LeBron Era

Kobe Bryant (145 points)

Clark: Though Laker fans probably want to put Bynum in the Hall of Fame after his 42 point/15 rebound game.  It's still Kobe's team.
College Wolf: Bah!  If only they'd stop winning games!  In honor of the Lakers' sterling record, I have again moved him up one spot for this edition.  Don't complain Lakers fans, at least I didn't entirely leave him off the ballot out of spite.

Chris Paul  (138 points)

Jeff Sack:  If you watch Paul on an every night basis, you can actually see him evolving each game. Every time he is on the hardwood, he finds a new way to beat you.

Jeremy Schmidt: Chris Paul gives swagger to Peja Stojakovic.  Putting swagger in a sentence with Peja Stojakovic is what an MVP is suppose to do.

Dwight Howard (135 points)

Sack: Can we all agree that Howard is hands down the best pure center in the Association in the present day era?

Dwyane Wade (92 points)

Don Landrigan: Statistically phenomenal, but that didn't help Kobe in his score-fest years.  And at some point, someone has to take ownership of Miami's anaemic record.  You're it Dwyane.

Tim Duncan (81 points)

Joshua Coleman: Are we sure that he's not actually a robot? Maybe a cyborg?

Chauncey Billups (51 points)

Landrigan:  The impact that Billups has had on the Nuggets cannot be overrated.  Carmelo Anthony is the franchise player, but here they are sans-Anthony and winning.  Winning well.
Nets Daily:  Webster defines "Valuable" as "having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities." Hey, what do you know? That's exactly as how I define Billups. He does everything you ask of him, and does it well

Brandon Roy (51 points)

Rob D:  Sometimes, secretly, I put on my Nike Zoom IIs and jump around my room hitting fadeaways and buzzer beaters pretending I am Brandon Roy. Sometimes I do it with clothes on

Yao Ming (19 points)

MyNetsForLife (Nets Daily):  Even with McGrady and Artest doing much worse than anyone could have predicted, Yao has been able to get the Rockets just two games behind the red-hot Spurs.

Joe Johnson (18 points)

Rob D: Averaging 22pts-6ass-4reb through a season isn't easy. Jordan did it three times, Kobe?s only done it once. Joe Johnson is doing it and no one even cares

Also receiving votes: Dirk Nowitzki (16), Paul Pierce (13), Danny Granger (11), Kevin Garnett (10), Rajon Rondo (9), Devin Harris (7), Jameer Nelson (4), Shaquille O'Neal (3), Pau Gasol (3), Chris Bosh (2), Paul Millsap (2), Andrew Bogut (1), Al Jefferson (1)

Interesting Notes:

LeBron was unanimous
11 of 18 voters ranked Tim Duncan a 5.
Al Jefferson and Violet Palmer got the same amount of MVP votes.

I must share the Violet Palmer comment, which comes from her one voter:  David Clark at The Dream Shake:  "no single person has changed the outcome of more
games than her this year. "


Derrick Rose (82 points)

Landrigan: Now Chicago have me pondering whether they will be able to squander the presence of such an amazing talent…
Schmidt: If LeBron and Rajon Rondo had a kid, it'd be Derrick Rose.

OJ Mayo (77 points)

David Arnott: When he was in high school, they said he was the next LeBron. When he was in college, Bill Simmons called him the next Iguodala. Right now, as a rookie, he's a slightly more souped-up Jason Richardson.

Russell Westbrook (34 points)

Rob D: The only rookie averaging over 10-4-4 and the only rookie who makes me want to watch his crappy team.

Brook Lopez (28 points)

Nets Daily: Look out B. Lo! Lopez has crashed the upper echelons of the rookie rankings with spectacular play. He's hustling, utilizing mature post moves (at 20!) and exhibiting an effort and urge to defend.

Kevin Love (12 points)

Jeff Sack: The T-Wolves have won four of their last five games, Love has been a huge factor in all those wins.
Wyn Douglas: Did I mention the Wolves won 11 of their last 15? Love is averaging 9.5 boards and 1.5 sick outlet passes per game (in 23 minutes). He's got plenty of room for improvement but his play of late and his PER of 16.6 (over Mayo, Westbrook, Rose, Lopez, Beaseley and Gasol) is finally starting to quiet those best characterized as "haters."

Also receiving votes:
Greg Oden (9), Michael Beasley (8), Marc Gasol (7), DJ Augestin (4), Eric Gordon (4), Luc Mbah a Moute (2), Rudy Fernandez (1)

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  • Vegas Scott

    Don Landrigan: Statistically phenomenal, but that didn’t help Kobe in his score-fest years. And at some point, someone has to take ownership of Miami’s anaemic record. You’re it Dwyane.
    Really? If anything Miami’s record should be more supporting evidence to why he is a very close 2nd in the mvp race to Lebron. Dwayne is hands down the 2nd best player on the planet right now, and his value/impact to his team is second to none. How this guy ends up 5th in the MVP blogging polls is disturbing. If I were a Miami fan, I’d throw up after seeing that.

  • Daniel

    ^Agree with above. Just being physically strong and dominant does not make one the best centre “hands down”. Centers like Kareem and Hakeem are the giants of past eras…they were pretty complete players. What on earth is a “pure centre” anyway?

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  • fiegelphillips

    If for no other reason than redefining both of the old terms of ‘tomahawk’ and ‘facial’ – Jefferson should walk with the rookie of the year. Tough kid who plays in a tough town. I agree with IVSPORT though – how obvious are the picks when there is nothing more than a piece of hardware to represent the accomplishment?? Take a shot at predicting next year’s rookie of the year right now and visit

  • My Vote for the All Star Game tonight for the MVP My Vote is on tony Parker