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Who had the better Johnson?

This isn't another John vs. Chuck thing.  I think the ladies of Emerson College circa 1994 know that I'm the clear winner there… although it was hard to hear what they really thought of Chuck over all the laughing.

No, this is about Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson… and our own Dennis Johnson.  Pete Marasmitch did a ton of research and said Vinnie was better.  I did exactly no research and I know the answer is DJ.

Head on over there and make the case for DJ.  I'm not saying spam the site… because it's a good site.  I'm saying make a solid argument based on reason.  Contribute to the converstation… don't embarrass Celtics fans or else I'll ban you from here.

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  • Celts81

    That guy couldn’t be more wrong. The fact that “most viewed video” is one of his categories shows how much of a reach this blog is. I hope he is joking.
    I left a comment on that blog that I doubt will get accepted. I hate how blog owners can block comments. If you write dumb crap, you should be willing to listen to criticism.

  • Lex

    Was vj ever finals mvp, all defense, all nba or even an all star?
    From his rookie year until 1986, DJ was the second best guard of his era.
    I’ve got one for him.
    Who was the better rebounder:
    Dennis Rodman or Ed Pinckney?
    I’ll go with Ed.