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Why The Magic Are a Playoff Flop Waiting to Happen

I've been saying this for a few years now – Dwight Howard needs a signature move if the Magic are ever going to be legitimate championship contenders.  Yes, I realize he's only 23 years old and his game will surely develop in the coming years. But what about this year? The Magic may be tearing up the NBA now, but they don't have the pieces for June.

Ira Winderman (who?) of NBCSports.com puts forward this argument:

Oh, for the first 47 minutes, 50 seconds, Howard might torment inside. But his world lacks a polished post game. Unless he is bringing it down with two hands, there is nothing guaranteed even from three or four feet. And a spot at the foul line might be the opposition's preference, based on his not-so-free throws.

Then there is Nelson, who is moving closer to All-Star level. Yet if it isn't a pull-up jumper, his diminutive stature could have a defining attempt slapped back the other way. Go ahead, name another 5-11 go-to-guy.

And while Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis are more than mere standstill jump shooters, at a moment of truth, an all-or-nothing jumper seemingly would be the preference for each.

That is what separates the Magic.

There's not a Wade. Not a Tayshaun. Not even a Joe Johnson.

Let alone a Kobe, LeBron or Pierce.

We may not have heard of Ira Winderman, but he's right on the money with this one.

The Celtics smoked Orlando 107-88 in their first meeting of this season. That was the game Paul Pierce went off in the 3rd quarter.

Ok…I know what you are asking – Where's the advanced scouting of the Magic dancers? The answer – after the jump.



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  • JD

    I hope Rondo destroys Nelson tonight (which he should), so NewsFlashDyke and all the other haters will shut up about Rondo and see that he has dominated against every other top Eastern Conference point guard thrown in his path.

  • Tim (FD)


  • double P reppin the B

    hahaha wow Tim you read my mind. Is he seriously mentioned in the same context as Wade, Lebron, Kobe, Pierce, even Joe Johnson?!?!? I think even Hedo Turkoglu is more “go-to” than Tayshaun…..

  • Daryl

    LOL Tayshaun Prince should be a guy coming off the bench for a championship team and is an anti-go-to-guy…HAHA

  • NewsFlashMike

    i dont think the celtics are going to win this game.. i dont even view the celtics as one of the top 3 teams in the league right now(magic, cavs, lakers).. they are the 4th best though in my book. I think most of the league and its fans agree with the top 3 at this point, which is a plus for the Celtics (maybe it can fire them up that no one thinks they are the best team in the league anymore)… i mean after that string of embarrassing losses to those sub .500 teams the Celts showed their weaknesses and the league took notice. I think their winning streak will end with Orlando.. their inside-outside game is too strong right now. Orlando is playing better than anyone in the NBA right now and I see Jameer Nelson having a monster game against Rondo.. Should be a good game. Start the hate.

  • Matt

    Wait a minute, we did crush the Magic, but wasn’t that without Jameer Nelson? To respond to NewsFlashMike, you really didn’t bring anything up to prove your point. Inside-outside game too strong? You mean like inside the post and from the three point line? Aren’t the Celtics doing really well in that area too? NewsFlashMike, were you thinking exactly this when the Celtics had a 27-2 record? Or did you think this right after they lost 6 out of 8? The only guys on the Magic who I regard as above average defenders are Mickael Pietrus and Keith Bogans. Defense wins championships, and that’s why the only team that I think could be better than the Celtics are the Cavaliers.
    I mean, the Magic’s road trip in the past week was pretty damn impressive, but that was because the offense clicked. You guys didn’t win with good defense, just an offense that was hitting it’s shots.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    All the times a prevision is made here is readily unattended, just like the Lakers and the Nuggets games… better poke fun at the opponents AFTER we beat them, not BEFORE…

  • Lakers 24 7

    I also think this is true. The Magic live beyond the arc, and Howard may be a beast but his post game isn’t all that good. They probably won’t make it passed the second round, but I could be wrong.
    As for the Lakers, I think they have a big advantage because 3 out of the top 4 teams are in the east, and the records are pretty close, which means, either Orlando, Boston, or Cleveland can take the home court in the east as the Lakers stand alone pretty high above the west. The Lakers don’t really have anyone to worry about, while the top 3 in the east have to worry about each other.

  • rodger

    After watching the first quarter i haven’t seen much of howard this year but he seems a little too cocky for me.At least he dosent cry as much as kobe and lebron.Go celtics we need this one.