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Eddie Money

RedsArmyAdmin January 22, 2009 Uncategorized 11 Comments

One quarter of great basketball was good enough to beat the Heat tonight. The C's jumped all over Miami in the first quarter (29-10) and never looked back. Ray  Allen (12 pts), KG (8 pts, 5 reb, 1 stl) and Rajon Rondo (4 assists) paved the way in the 1st.

The second quarter belonged to Eddie House as he drained 6 threes. Eddie finished with 25 pts.

The Celtics were extremely sloppy in the second half (21 TOs) which allowed the Heat to cut the lead to 12 points a few times but Miami couldn't get over the hump. Back to back to back 3s by Ray (27 pts, 5-6 3FG) with about 4 minutes left sealed this one.

Check out the Celtics first quarter scoring during this 6 game winning streak:

  • Heat: 29-10
  • Suns: 30-15
  • Nets: 29-15
  • Nets: 30-23
  • Toronto: 19-23
  • Toronto: 32-20

Notice a pattern?

Celtics 98 – Miami 83 |Box Score | Recap

"An elephant can get back and defend him." – Tommy Heinsohn on the slow-footed Chris Quinn

After the jump….my favorite Eddie Money song.

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  • Scott

    This was a long time coming for Eddie.

  • bigticket

    it was raining threes! :D we need to carry this momentum into orlando and get back to the winning streak.

  • G4L

    Way to go All Day Eddie!!

  • http://jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    E had it going tonight! SugarRay really knocked Miami down when they tried to make a little noise in the 4th.

  • Doctor Hardwood

    “Eddie! What have you done for me lately Eddie?!”
    (Anybody old enough to remember that line?)

  • Breana

    Eddie starts heating up when he debuted the shooting sleeve. Same thing with Ray in the playoffs. Coincidence?

  • DRJ

    “Eddie Money” is a good title. I like “House Afire” :)
    Obviously it was good to get the win. But WTF? What is with all these TURNOVERS?? It started with Ray bobbling an easy pass on the side, and then later, they’re like THROWING THE BALL AWAY. Every single player except POB had one or more turnovers! It’s like they get overconfident and start getting ahead of themselves. If House had not had an insane game, this would have been a close one. We lead the league in TOs and we better stop that before the playoffs.

  • Josh

    He’s not a cottage, he’s a House…
    Tommy said that last year and it has been in my head ever since.

  • http://www.redsarmy.com redsarmy

    “I want half Eddie!”
    EHouse was RIDICULOUS. I love that he matched DWade

  • Jon

    This has nothing to do with anything, but I’m watching the Australian Open right now and the girl playing Serena Williams, Gisela Dulko from Argentina, is absolutely gorgeous.
    I’ve also been using the Eddie Money nickname since he hit his 1st 3 for us last year. It’s a very natural nickname to come to (assuming you have knowledge of so-cheesy-it’s-great 80’s rock).

  • http://redsarmy.com BigMck

    Gisela Dulko? Time for some advanced scouting. Thanks Jon.