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The Preservation of Kevin Garnett

preservesThe Celtics need KG for more than defense.  They need him for energy… so sitting out the last three 4th quarters will go a long way to making sure he has the energy to give.

It's part testament to his greatness, part over-reliance on him to carry the team emotionally.  But that's where the Celtics are.  Garnett is their Energizer Bunny.  When the team is running low on juice, they plug into him.  When he didn't have any juice to give, the team suffered.  So this past week has been a Godsend.  For a guy who has averaged almost 38 minute a game over a 14 year career, playing a stretch of sub-30 minute game is huge.

Someone brought this up before on this site, but I don't know who:  maybe that abdominal strain KG suffered last year was the best thing that could have happened to him.  He was forced to take a few weeks off to recover in the middle of the season.  He came back with just enough in the tank to make it through the finals.

Maybe this past week of blow outs is a different version of that.  Maybe the limited time, combined with the upcoming All Star break, will be just enough to recharge his batteries.  We forget that he's played 14 seasons sometimes because he doesn't look much different than he used to.  But with each passing season, we need to make sure he still has enough energy to be our "energy guy."

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