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More Kobe Douchiness

RedsArmyAdmin January 20, 2009 Uncategorized 18 Comments on More Kobe Douchiness

The most arrogant professional athlete on the planet thinks he could play football for his beloved Eagles:

“I’d be a wide receiver,” said the 6-6, 205-pound Kobe Bryant. “I’d be a bad (man) too.  No more red zone issue,” he explained. “Just throw it over the top. I’m (Randy) Mossin’ it.”

Just what the Eagles need….another version of Terrell Owens. Seriously, does Kobe's douchiness ever end?

After the jump…one guy who would love to knock his head off.

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  • CFanGreenWhite

    Hey, new to this site. Hahahaha kobe douchiness. Hilarious

  • kobefansaredelusional
  • Chuck

    What… a… douche!!!

  • celtified

    K-douche is an amazing athlete but a self-centered me-first douchebag. Could have one more titles but always puts HIS needs above all else. A Hall of Fame douchebag if you will.

  • Sako

    oh cmon, he called himself the best player in the NBA

  • TJD

    Kobe bitches to the refs constantly and he thinks he can handle a far more physical sport, hah. I’d love to see him come accross the middle against the Patriots defense that’s all I’m saying.

  • Ummm.Sucko..Sako..whatever..why are you even here? Are you a closet C’s fan? Secret crush? I know it hurts, just embrace it though. And no disrespect, but what kind of Celtic’s fan calls himself Dr J…? I don’t post as M.Ivaroni or MCooper. C’mon dude!

  • alex

    I think a lot of guys play through little things like banged up fingers, and sore ankles etc. Gary Payton was playing a few years ago with a herniated disc in his back. Now that really hurts. That’s some toughness.

  • double P reppin the B

    Yeah I’m sorry but a dislocated finger to a guy who gets the best medical attention money can buy really isn’t as big of a deal as it’s cracked up to be. People completely over exaggerate small injuries that are played through as this insane toughness that nobody else posseses. Good for him to play with it but I mean anyone could have done that…

  • Ha ha ha. What’s up, Boston? I’m from L.A. and I will never deny Kobe’s greatness.
    But even I question Kobe’s personality. It’s just not very likable.

  • I can’t stand the Lakers

  • CelticPrideDntMess08

    As much of a Celtics fan that I am, you can’t really talk about Kobes douchiness without mentioning a few of our own. Like the above mentioned poster Sako or whatever, KG’s superman statement and that theme song he sang what pretty douchy, lol I’m not rippin on them cuz they are my team but still it was kinda like, I wish u didnt do that KG. Another would be Pierce faking that injury in Game 1 of the Finals. He took it too far, I wish he didnt, but whatever its still my team, my pride. Kobe has his moments too. We all know what kobe is capable of. I was rooting for him to bring the Olympic Gold to our great country, and without him stepping up we wouldve gotten a lousy silver.

  • tuka

    Character is sexually assaulting a woman in a hotel room then buying your wife a big diamond.

  • Travis

    DRJ is the most annoying celtics poster around, he overreacts completely to each single game and is now sitting here typing about how tough Kobe is…wow kid

  • inferno

    You guys have every right to bust on Kobe as much and to whatever degree you wish its YOUR site…however…
    If you aspire to be recognized as a professional site and respected by journalists and major media (which some blogs are) this is not the method to build respectability…if you want to remain a troll-destination and a cute, local farce, then keep putting the word Douche in your headlines…it immediately discounts the intelligent -although myopic- commentary you guys are capable of…
    Pejorative commentary is healthy and can be done with tact and a degree of sophistication – I certainly don’t profess I hold to these standards on every occaision, but I don’t run a blog…don’t have to- even printing the “word” DOUCHINESS seems both perverse and childish, but what do I know…I’m a douchey Laker fan…
    Go Douchers!

  • Lakerhater

    You know what, I hate to admit it but inferno is right. “another example of Kobe being a self important F*ckstick” may have been more professional.
    Bryant has great athletic talent but as a man he is sorely lacking. Its why so many people enjoy watching him stomp on his crank over and over. There are lots a players on other teams you love to see miss a shot, but in the end you respect them, they are doing what they do for their team. Kobe is only in it for K-douche.

  • We are respected…for speaking our minds. Everyone in the media outside of LA and Bristol knows Kobe is a douche, except they can’t call him on it. Luckily, we can.

  • dom1020