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New Rondo Wallpaper

RedsArmyAdmin January 19, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on New Rondo Wallpaper


We love Rondo… so we thought it would be only fitting to make a new Rondo wallpaper.  Click on the above image for 1024 x 768.  

Below is the 800 x 600:


And here's the 640 x 480


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  • G4L

    Looks like I got my new wallpaper.

  • inferno

    I’m sure this will be the rage in Provincetown and Frisco…

  • Ah… the gay joke… a staple for Lakers fans everywhere.
    Seriously. I think 99% of the Lakers fans who have visited us have made some sort of gay joke. Pathetic. Really pathetic.

  • zippittyay

    We aint got any guys named “sasha” on our team…..