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Halfway There

RedsArmyAdmin January 15, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Halfway There

If you got excited about this video, then congratulations… you're old like me and Chuck.

I can't believe it… but the Celtics season is half over, and they're sitting there at 32-9.  That puts them on pace for 64-18 this year.  Last year they were 66-16.  Last year we were winning games by 10 points.  This year, we're winning by 9.

So… what are we so worried about?

Ok, so we went on a huge streak where we won some games we should have lost.  And then we went on a skid where we lost some games we should have won.

But considering that a lot of us EXPECTED to win fewer games this year, I think we've got plenty to be happy about.

Also out there:

Empty the Bench ponders what if the Celtics didn't trade for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett? Interesting stuff.

And just in case you missed Chris Paul's line last night:  33 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds and 7 steals.  Damn.

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  • AboveTheRim

    that telfair trade was all about unloading LaFrentz. God there were some terrible contracts in there…Blount, Raef, Vin Baker…ughhh
    Fun read though. Takes me back to how optimistic i used to be about that crew. I loved Big Al and Gerald. At the time, I remember thinking we gave up too much to get Garnett. I didn’t want to part w/ Gerald…go figure.

  • I can tell you what we are worried about: LeBron James. 🙂 But other than that, everything is fine. Now that the talks about 70+ wins have stopped we can focus on what really matters: Getting ready for the Playoffs.

  • inferno

    D…please tell me your a 35 year old woman.
    Even if your not…please say you are…please tell me you work in the diner and not on the docks…