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File Under: No Chance in Hell

The Metro's Jeff Howe (who?) has a hilarious piece on the chances of LeBron James coming to Boston in 2010.

If James is sincere with his desire to be a peer among Michael Jordan and the game’s all-time greats, the Celtics can give him instant credibility.

Plus, the chance to play with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins and likely Rajon Rondo would give James an inside track at a title that still eludes him.

James doesn't need the Celtics for credibility. At just 24 years-old, he's the best player on the planet who also happens to have the most upside. How scary is that?

Someone also needs to inform Howe that as of right now, the Cavaliers are a better team than the Celtics.

According to Howe, the Celtics could afford LeBron by offering him a 5-year, $95 million contract. About $50 million less than Cleveland. But wait there's more. Under this scenario, the C's would have KG, Pierce, Perkins, Rondo and LeBron under contract and be at the salary cap limit. Leaving very little money to sign the remaining 7-10 players.

This column has "let me write about this ridiculous scenario so I can drum up traffic for our crappy web site and bring attention to me" written all over it.

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  • Levi

    All I can say when I look at that picture is this: goosebumps.

  • Breana

    Ugh I’d rather imagine Kobe/Vujacic/Odom as the new Celtics big 3 than Lebron. Yes my patience for him run out somewhere between the crab dribble and the ESPN gushing on Friday. I can’t resist the haterade anymore. Does Howe even realize the queen wants to be a billionaire? WTH would he take a paycut to play in Boston?

  • double P reppin the B

    I would absolutely love getting Lebron haha and I can honestly say I would not want Kobe Bryant but I truly would want Lebron, the kid is amazing

  • Jp

    I don’t understand how anyone who knows a damn bit about basketball can say they would not want LeBron on their team. He, realistically, is one of the more level headed players in the league. And look at his path. 18 out of high school, darling of the media, all the talent in the world, and yet he is still together. Clearly he has dedicated himself to winning. Every year he comes back stronger. This year he has come in trying to be the best defender he can be, and you know what, he is succeeding.
    He will not be the next Jordan, he will be better. I guarantee it. In 5 years when LeBron hits his prime, Jordan will be just another great star from yester-year. Russell, Chamberlain, Bird, Magic and Jordan. “A shame he never got to compete against them.”
    Now if you are saying no way because we can’t afford him and our stars at the same time, then ok. But seriously, how could you not want LeBron James?

  • William

    The Cavaliers with LeBron are better right now than the Celtics without LeBron, but they aren’t better than the Celtics would be with LeBron (or even +LBJ, -Ray).
    The thing with LBJ is that he’ll presumably be changing teams as a free agent, which means there’s no compensatory talent moving back to Cleveland like there would be in a trade. One has to gauge potential landing places against Cleveland without LeBron.
    It all hinges on LBJ’s motivation; I see three potential motivations (in reality his motivation is a mix of these three and others):
    – Be recognized as the best ever, which I think suggests he won’t want to be a part of a big three (or big two with Wade or Bosh in NYC), but he will want the largest market possible (one could argue that ESPN/ABC/NBA promote Cleveland adequately now) = NYC without Wade/Bosh. A Cleveland championship before 2010 ends probably makes his leaving more likely.
    – Be the best player on the best team sustained over the longest time. Here he would consider joining a team like the Cs, but I think it would be more likely that he ends up in NYC with Wade/Bosh. Here he could stay with Cleveland if they’re sustainably competitive (and I think a Cleveland championship makes him more likely to stay).
    – Make the most money ever, which obviously points to NYC.

  • Sean