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The Rondo Dunk

RedsArmyAdmin January 11, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on The Rondo Dunk

That was nasty

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  • baltimoresbest01

    that was an incredibly stupid statement by the commentator. if i were playing rondo, i would gladly give up a dunk every 3 months in exchange for a horrible jumpshot


    14 11 and 6 aint bad. Point guards are supposed to pass. Assists count for points you know.

  • chaunceyp

    i remember rondo burning the lakers last years finals, i was cursing that green blur on every transition, a dude that fast that can finish in the lane is pretty nasty even if he can’t shoot.
    if he showed more consistency i’de think he sold his soul to be an all star. give him a few years and he’ll be there. i still expect brilliance from in the post season, some players just rise up and i have a hunch rondo is one.
    o btw kobe and pau shot for a combined 9-29, we still beat the heat 🙂

  • JD

    DRJ, Rondo clearly can get into the lane, because teams have been sagging off of him for over a year now and he still gets into the paint. You’re being ridiculous by saying if a guard doesn’t have a consistent jumper, than he doesn’t belong in the league. You don’t seem to get that Rondo has other talents that more than make up for his lack of a jumper. Like I’ve said before, Rondo is really good without a jumper; he’ll be great with one. Stop with all this nonsense about benching Rondo for Pruitt: we all know Rondo’s jumper is awful, but you’re going completely overboard.