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What More Can You Say?

RedsArmyAdmin January 10, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on What More Can You Say?


I'm calm.

I'm calm.

I'm calm.

I don't know what more I can say about the Celtics.  Ray Allen played another 40 minutes last night.  But I've already talked about how he's the oldest guy on the team.  I don't know why Doc Rivers is so cautious with Kevin Garnett (29 minutes) but ok with barely resting Ray Allen.  And I know Gabe Pruitt made a couple of mistakes in his 11 minutes last night, but he can score.  Why not play him 5 more minutes?  I don't get it.

I've already talked about Rajon Rondo's recent struggles.  It seems like we've got a choice:  tentative Rajon who stays upright but passes the ball to the wing when he's a foot from the rim… or the aggressive Rajon who dives into the lane, draws fouls and wreaks havoc, but gets flattened every time.

What more can you say?  We're a ship in a storm… and all we can do is hang on.  This thing is either going to capsize or this storm will pass.  I think this team is too good to capsize.  It's frustrating as all hell… but this crap will pass.

It has to.

Ok… we need this.  After the jump, cheerleader pics and today's links.

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  • T

    Um, KG only gets 29 minutes because he fatigues as quickly and dramatically as anyone in the league…Ray Allen barely works up a sweat in 40 minutes…KG is useless lately despite his stat line last night

  • We’ll get it together-Celtic Pride baby! Don’t panic, Ainge is on the case. You don’t think Wyc, Pagliuca and co. want to repeat..? They’ll make a move soon enough. No disrespect, I’m a diehard Celts fan, but Lebron was just too much tonight. If we would’ve had James Posey, Dennis Rodman and Mark Eaton we couldn’t have slowed him done. Plain and simple, he wanted it more. The C’s need to find that intensity and swagger again-it’s MIA.

  • Will

    Why when Rondo drives to the hoop and gets fouled four times in a row, do they go away from that. Just keep attacking the hoop, its exactly what Lebron does. No one can stop either of them going to the hoop, only problem is that rondo stops himself by passing off when he has a lay up. Its killing me!!!

  • JD15

    Hey u guys danny ainge is trying to get JJ Redick

  • davecowens

    F*ck it, sign Marbury!

  • Sideshow Varejao

    I’m glad somebody’s calm.