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Thinking Of It’s Working Up My Appetite

I know it sounds kinda crazy…

Maybe you think I've got mental problems…

But I'm looking forward to a little afternoon delight tomorrow in Toronto.  This crap has gone on long enough, dammit.

The Celtics are still a great team.  The Celtics are still one of the best teams in the NBA.  How good are the Celtics?  Well… let's look at everyone's records:

  • Cleveland:  29-6
  • Lakers:  29-6
  • Orlando: 29-8
  • Boston:  29-9

Notice what we all have in common?  29 wins.  This ridiculous 9-game stretch only served to bring the rest of the pack to us.  We've played 3 more games than Cleveland and LA… so you know they've got a stretch coming where they'll fade after a few back-to-backs.

History never lies.  And history tells us every team will hit the skids at some point.  We're doing it now.  They'll do it later.  Which would you rather have?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going jogging.  Or yogging.  I'm not sure what it is, but it involves running for an extended period of time and it's supposed to be wild.

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  • Dom1020

    Another redsarmy excuse jus say celtics are tired.u guys can never tip your hats to the better team.lakers didnt go 2-9 at any point last year theyre a better team this year whamakes you think theyll do it this year. .

  • zauer

    Boston didn’t go 2-9 man

  • jeck

    Ron: San Diego, it stand for “Whale’s Vagina”

  • Lakers 24 7

    Hey Fsantos33…how about tou let Boston get their swagger back and then you talk about beating LA and Orlando, cuz right now Boston can’t even beat the most depleted team in the NBA.
    I think the Celtics slowed down after they got their streak snapped. They played at such a high level in that 19 game stretch that they got discouraged after a few losses.

  • pointguard

    Chicago Bulls is probably the only team that hasn’t gone through a losing stretch when they won 72 games.

  • Lakeshow

    look guys I’m a Lakers fan ,and I’m telling you that it’s still too early to make assumptions of who’s the best team.I hated the celtics when we lost in the guys have chance estill. After all what matters is June .after what you guys did to us we are hungrier then if it’s a lakers vs celtics final I feel confident we can now exploit ur team.

  • Fsantos33

    Yea Lakers 24 7 we definitely need our swagger and confidence back before facing ORL and LA – We will see how C’s play the next few games.

  • JD

    “You shall all bow down to the bulls and MJ” Well, seeing as how the Bull’s entire success is based on a rookie and MJ runs the Bobcats organization, I really don’t think anyone will be bowing down to either of those two

  • DennisJohnson

    Look MJ, before you start running your mouth about MJ and the bulls, let the records show such, Celts 17, Lakers 14, Bulls 6. 6 bro, let me repeat 6. and you said “just ask byron russell” ?? are you kidding me, byron russell? what? is he the top defender in the history of the nba? cmon bro, MJ is great, but let it go. Bulls have their history, but they are NO WHERE comparison to the CELTS or LAKERS history. So, dont come in here telling us that the BULLS and MJ is all that. Learn your history, and also, do you really think the BULLS are ever going back to the elite dynasty they were once in??? please comon. Enjoy talking about MJ is the greatest and the BULLS were the greatest. But thats it. Chitown will NEVER be back. Boston and LA will run the NBA again. Again MJ learn your history.

  • Celts81

    Its funny that MJs Ambassador hinges all of her posts on one person. All the Bulls and you have is MJ. Yes he may be the greatest player ever. But that still means that in the entire history of your organization you have 1 great player. Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek and Larry Bird. Thats four people I can name that are among the top 25 EVER and it took me 10 seconds to think of their names.
    Atleast if you were a lakers fan I could understand since they had Magic, Kareem, Wilt and Jerry West. The Bulls had 1 guy who was an amazing player and carried them to all of their success. Dont even bring up Pippen because he wouldve been a nobody if he didnt play with Mike. When MJ left so did all of your hopes. Enjoy your 72-10 and Luol Deng. Ill take our 17 banners and continued success with the new big 3.
    Eat it bitch.

  • scalabrine’s 10 foot ambassador

    apparently “ambassador” means “dicksucker”