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Fred Jones?

RedsArmyAdmin January 6, 2009 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Fred Jones?

Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Here's a new name for ya.  Fred Jones.  And Dime Magazine says the Celtics should sign him.

The Celtics should sign Fred Jones immediately. Seems that all the cheapo Clip Show did was give every other NBA team a look to see what Freddie still had in the tank and frankly, it was a lot (or at least enough). The Clippers decided not to pay Jones for the rest of the year and waived him today. He’s better than Tony Allen right now and Allen is essentially the C’s 6th man. By the way, the Clippers also cut Paul Davis, who is probably better than Big Baby right now as well.

Fred is probably better than TA offensively… but I'm not sure if he's so much of an upgrade that he's worth signing.  However, I know TA is frustrating people lately… so I'm sure some of you will be for it.

If you haven't heard of 7 second or mess… you're missing out.  It's a Knicks blog… and they break down video extremely well.  Here's a great breakdown of what the Knicks did defensively to slow the Celtics down.  You quickly figure out why they put a guy  like Jeffries onto Rondo.

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  • Nora

    Rondo has to adjust and as Doc said just because they are giving Rondo room to shoot jump shots does not mean he has to take it.

  • Lex

    Thanks for linking to my 1985-86 pieces, RA.

  • Jp

    I remember Larry Bird being very big on Jones in Indiana. Seems many times I read or heard him say how much talent the kid had.
    That’s about all I know about him.
    Of course that might be all I need to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Orb

    What I saw more of in the clips was Rondo standing there waiting at the 3-pt line. Does he think he’s Eddie? Double teaming KG is nothing new, but Rondo’s usually cutting when that happens. It’s how he has the FG% of a big guy, since a good portion of his shots come off layup-cuts when his man doubles. I think he got benched because he was playing lazy/tired as much as anything.

  • papa irish

    i dont know much about fred jones, wasnt he in a dunk contest a while back?
    if i remember correctly he’s had some big games against the c’s while with the pacers
    if he cant stroke the three sign him up immediately

  • Scott

    If he’s smarter than TA…

  • Lakers2009

    Yeah I watch The Clippers all the time. I wouldn’t get too excited about Fred Jones…He didn’t really do anything all that remarkable from what I’ve seen.