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That Was Embarassing

RedsArmyAdmin January 5, 2009 Uncategorized 23 Comments on That Was Embarassing

Another horrible loss to a crappy team. For those who are counting, that's 4 losses in the last 6 games.

The Celtics shot a hideous 6-25 from 3 FG. Ray Allen was 0-9 from three. Kevin Garnett had 6 pts on 1-6 FG. Looks like he suffered some type of calf injury in the second half.

Paul Pierce (31 pts) tried to carry this team in the 4th quarter, but the Celtics defense disappeared. They got sloppy, giving up layups and offensive rebounds.

Wilson Chandler (31 pts, and Al Harrington (30 pts) torched the Celtics defense. I can't remember the last time two guys burned the C's like this.

I understand Doc was desperately trying to find 5 guys who could play, but letting Brian Scalabrine play most of the 4th quarter while the team was trying to make a run is just plain dumb. What am I missing with this guy? He's AWFUL. Wow….Heinsohn just gave the Tommy Award to Scal. My head is going to explode.

Box Score | Recap

I have one non-Celtics related issue – Comcast's incessant promotion for the "Manny being Manny" special. For anyone who hasn't watched it, don't bother. It's all rehash and does not live up to the billing.

After the jump….dancers.

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  • Juan

    Go Knickerbockers! Finish the Marbury buyout, cause the C’s bench needs him.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    The fakers did not snap our 19 game streak, they snapped our swag and confidence on road games, which is damn worse. We were too f-ing soft tonight… it’s not like the C’s became a bad team all of a sudden because they still blew out the Kings and the Wizards, but on the other road games… well we played like we feared to lose, and when you do that it eventually happens. No determination, no will to win, just fear, the result is playing in 2008-first-and-second-round-mode.
    One last thing, we need someone for the bench right now, be it Starbury or anyone else, it won’t be worse than now and we need a bench key player like bread.

  • tell em ssshady


    Its a long season. Take a deep breath relax and pray for those poor Laker fans.They will need it.

  • DreinLA

    Scott, that same logic could be applied to the likes of KG, Pierce, and Ray Allen, really. How many troublesome players has Doc Rivers had to manage in his career? Marbury is going to be, unlike anything he’s every seen… or played with, I think. Although I heard Spud Webb was a tyrant in the locker room.

  • Scott

    I don’t think it could. KG, Pierce, and Ray are all positive veteran presences. I wouldn’t say the same about Kobe, Pau, and Sasha. They are all very strong personalities who don’t like having their toes stepped on.
    That’s exactly what Sasha has to do with it.

  • inferno

    What the hell does Sasha have to do with this…he’s a Euro role player who sometimes shows too much emotion…how is he comparable with Allen or KG? …or Pau for that matter, who prefers being the second star…
    With that said I don’t think Rodman-Marbury is a good comparison…Rodman was a player who excelled without the ball…his spotlight was off the court, not on…he was a defensively sound, hard working grunt on the floor-zero offensive game to speak of…and Rodman had two rings already…Marbury is a ball-handler, he’s potentially the genesis of every play when he’s on the court…you need a cool customer at the point, not a hot-headed, punk who’s never won anything…
    Let the implosion begin…
    Go Lakers

  • jason

    Scott, you’re the one who’s ignorant. If there’s anyone in the world that can control a punk a– like Marbury, that’s Phil Jackson. Remember Dennis Rodman?

  • Nora

    JD, Celtics fans from a team who won the latest championship (against your beloved Lakers) have no right to talk trash but Lakers fans have all the right in the world to? Give me a break and think about your idea of logic. Lakers fans really need to get something worthwile to do then obsessing over what is going on at Reds Army.

  • MJ’s Ambassador

    oh man, i can’t believe i ever, EVER became worried that this team was going to challenge my bulls for the best record in league history. my gosh MJ’s Ambassador, believe more in your 72-10 bulls. they are the best team MJ’s Ambassador. ok, back with you guys, i have to admit, the celtics are playing pathetic basketball. are these the same champs? ny knicks? quentin richardson must be laughing all the way back home. if they don’t fix their issues, they won’t even make it out of the east. this team has to win at a minimum half the number of championships that jordan won in order to prove themselves. one championship doesn’t prove much at all, as MJ himself said. especially for an organization like the celtics that truly great teams are only made when they dominate a decade. as for me, i can have a good night’s sleep. good night to you guys, sleep well.

  • Meh… let them talk. That’s all that is.

  • JD

    Aww man, some retard stole my name.

  • D

    Seriously, Scal deserved the Tommy Award. Why can’t any of the Celtics follow up on their shots? How come when a ball is in the air, none of the Celtics make an attempt to get in the paint to fight for a rebound. It’s lazy. Scal fought hard and played passionately. Bash Scal all you want, I would have rather had him on the team than KG last night.

  • lalball81

    Why are you guys so obsessed with Lakers fans? This is a Celtics board, so why not focus on that? These Faker comments are getting pretty lame.
    But yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with the C’s right now. I’m sure they’ll pick it up and play at a high level again, but 2-4 over the last six games is peculiar for a team that started 27-2. I guess they had to come down sometime, though. Hey, 29-6 is still a damn good record.

  • Thuggishsteer

    what the hell happened

  • ssshady35

    Did not get a chance to watch the game but i was tracking it on line. What was wrong with KG??

  • Lakers2009

    Yeah you guys definitely lost too many games on your road trip, but remember that it was on the road. Most teams play worse on the road…You’ll just have to clean up that part of your game, although you know that I won’t be rooting for you.

  • double P reppin the B

    I really just don’t understand why pierce has it going always at the end of games then they bring it the starting 5 and stop going to pierce? its like i know you can run the regular offense most of the time but when no one has it going just everyone clear out and let pierce (who was hot) win the damn game for you.

  • dom1020

    Theeeeeeeeee hell? warriors, blazers with no broy, now the knicks? aye but the knicks are still playoff bound this year right? 8th or 7th seed?

  • Matt

    ladies and gentleman that was celeticsaredecentatbest, al oser who looks like he has nothing better to do with his life but talk trash.

  • G4L

    Juan your a Celtic fan from boston what are you doing routing for the knicks?!

  • dom1020

    I can promise you this, no one on this website, has a RIGHT to bash on any player, because they are the ones working hard in the gym making the big bucks those who talk shit are just on the computer.

  • Did anyone pick up on Ray Allen giving Rondo a serve in the media today? He basically came out and said the blueprint to stop the Celtics was to put a big guy on Rondo and make him shoot it.
    Not sure if Ray Allen was trying to get Rondo pumped up via the media, but I’m pretty sure every team is going to try this against the Celtics from here on.
    Related: Remember how Rondo and Ray Allen had to be seperated from screaming at each other on court a few weeks ago? Paul Pierce basically pulled them apart… Not sure which game this was, but seems like there is an ongoing spat between Rondo and Ray Allen.