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One Week Until Our Biggest Test


Lakers fans can say what they want, the Cleveland Cavaliers have emerged as the biggest threat to the Celtics… if not for the mere fact that we'll have to get through them to even get to the Finals.

The Eastern Conference semifinals last year was an epic matchup that was won because Paul Pierce matched LeBron James.  But there's no matching him this year.  LeBron has taken an almost unimaginable leap into a plane where few player have EVER existed.  Logic tells me that it's impossible for him, and the Cavs, to sustain this.  But logic, and a few rules of physics, don't apply to LeBron James.

We've got one week of hype (and 3 other games) to go.  But make no mistake about it… this game is easily as big as the Christmas Day game… and probably bigger.

After the jump, another shot that someone has taken at Kevin Garnett

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  • Hey Hey!

    people hate winners…


    Who says basketball isn’t a contact sport.

  • Celtic Luva


  • The East has the Celtics, the “defending Champs.” They’re supposed to be the best team in the NBA. Now, the Cavaliers, Magics, and Hawks, in my opinion, are not better than the Lakers, Spurs, Rockets, etc. While the East has the best team in the NBA, the West has much more depth, and it’s undisputed that Western teams have much tougher schedules than Eastern teams.

  • YO

    check it out some laker fan got the article from NY Post
    Source: Celtics Aren’t on Top of Steph’s List

  • Al

    Interesting too – in a 13 year career this twat found two stories from (how many) practises, a couple of hard screens, the odd elbow.
    KG’s played over 1000 games in the post – he’d be a pussy if there weren’t a few stories after that long.
    I’ve played basketball for 10 years and I probably have about that many incidents too – pathetic.

  • NYCelt84

    The Cavs didn’t make the ECF last year, they got beat in the 2nd round.

  • Jon

    Unfortunately, with Ilgauskas injured, this matchup suddenly is meaningless. He’s one of their best players. I think it will help us win because Z always does well against us but it pulled some of the excitement from the game. At least for me.
    I also wish I could punch Wally Szerbs for making me have to root for him.

  • Josh

    Rene, I stopped reading your post as soon as I read “Magics.” Do you say Miami Heats and Oklahoma City Thunders as well?

  • zippittyay

    GREAT VIDEO!! That is why we love KG.

  • Jester00

    Just locked up 2 tickets to the game court level anyone going to be in Ohio? i may be able to part with one for nothing

  • Hey

    We arent winning in cleveland bro, so you can forget that

  • LOL @ RENE

    Hey, rene, happy new year, stop living in last season…the west had regressed, half the elite teams arent even healthy, the east is as deep or deeper from top to bottom and much better, get a godamn clue sister