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RedsArmyAdmin January 2, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Big Shot Rob

More speculation, courtesy of the Sacramento Bee:

Robert Horry – after previously saying he would consider playing only for the Spurs, Rockets or Mavericks because they are likely playoff teams close to his Houston home or Orlando because he could take his kids to Disney World – has not ruled out the Celtics.

Sounds like the 38-year-old Horry would come here…if no one else signed him. Then again, I'm not sure Danny is over that whole "towel-in-the-face" incident.

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  • Kareem

    Marbury is high risk, little to no reward.
    Horry is low risk, little to no reward.
    That would make it seem like a no-brainer. On the offensive side, don’t you guys think Horry would fill some of the void that Posey left? A clutch, end of game shooter? That can’t really be argued. It would be his role–Marbury doesn’t seem to have a role in anybody’s mind.

  • papa irish

    the only problem with marbury is that he is more talented than rondo so when he is at his best he probly would not be happy backing anybody

  • love it

  • Jester00

    we need a big pickup what about BOB (I’m sailing!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    dont think we have a shot. does any one have a list of possible guys we could pick up???? Steph and bob would great but other guys out there? any ideas??? THX

  • thetitleisours

    Call up Walker or Giddens and play Pruitt
    Give POB caffeine pills before every game 😉

  • ryan

    he bleeds purple and gold he fuckinnng hates you guys. you suck and you girls have no depth at all and your overrated you cannot win games on the road vs good west teams. and just wait till you have to play at spurs, suns etc. your done