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Not Mentally Tough Enough?

Turns out that horrible decision by the refs to allow Portland a basket even though they had 6 men on the court cost the Celtics the game. But not because the refs blew it, because the team couldn't move past it:

"That was awful," Rivers said. "It absolutely had an affect on our guys. They complained the rest of the game about it. I told them, 'You got to get over that.' That was a doozy. There is no excuse for that to happen.

It disturbs me that the defending champs, a team with strong veteran leadership, could not look past that moment in the game. How could they not come out after halftime and put it behind them? For what its worth, here's the officials explanation of the call:

Said referee Mike Callahan, "If we would have caught the six men on the court before the made field goal, then there would have been no score. We would have called a technical foul on Portland and stopped play.

"After the technical foul shot, Portland would have inbounded the ball as they were in possession before the stoppage."

Still doesn't make sense to me.

As for Eddie House taking the last shot…I am fine with it. Even when E-House is ice cold, I still have faith he'll nail the next jumper. My only gripe is that he fired up a 3 with 10 seconds left, there was time to get a better shot.

Here's what KG had to say about all the criticism regarding their trash talk:

“Hey, look here, man,” Kevin Garnett said after yesterday morning’s shootaround. “We’re not here to be liked. And when we’re out there, a lot of times we’re talking to ourselves. We’re communicating amongst each other and it has nothing to do with the other team, and the other team likes to jump in or say little (expletive). A lot of that we let go. We don’t even comment on a lot of stuff, because half the guys who are talking we don’t even know their names.

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  • Bill

    “…we don’t even know their names.”

  • AboveTheRim

    This team IS tough enough AND battle tested.
    Shiiiiiiit, they lost two in a row to the crappy Wizards last year. Remember that?? People were jumping off bridges then saying they don’t have what it takes to get over the hump and win it all.
    Ups and downs, fellas…Ups and downs. I’m grateful that the ups astronomically outweigh the downs.

  • It’s disappointing that they couldn’t put that behind them and focus better. It sucked, but it was only 2 points. They lose points from bad foul calls all the time. They shake those off, so they should have been able to shake this one off no matter how blatant or unfair it was.

  • papa irish

    they need to add to their bench, house and powe have been great this year but TA and baby have definitely been disappointing
    TA has to be one of the only players that you trusted more as a rookie than as a 5 year vet, i want the rookie version of TA back
    even if we add joe smith or pj brown, i think that we definitely need someone to back up paul and ray ray

  • MJ’s Ambassador

    happy new year to all of you guys, wishing you a great year of continued success. i definitely am happy right now since these celtics have definitely proven they won’t win 72 games. my bulls record is safely in the record books. they are definitely the better team. good luck to all of you and your team. you will probably need it. the cavs are looking very dangerous. i am starting to believe you guys won’t even make it out of the east.

  • Joey

    The 6 people on the floor score was a bad call, but refs more than made up for it by giving Pierce 14 free throws in the 4th quarter (including 8 in the final 3 minutes) and they also didn’t call a technical on Garnett when he tried to elbow Outlaw and they didn’t give Outlaw an and1 when he dunked on Garnett while being hit on the arm.